Q. Why you made the artwork?

I’ve just noticed that I’m seriously concerned about the enormous amount of waste one person (in my case- me) can left behind a day. I did not want to throw them immediately in the dust bin – I tried to figure out how I could still get a use of them. I got inspired to make my art from my used “everyday things”. I could “kill two birds with one stone” with this new approach, because, on the first hand, I’d found a way to re-use non-(rapidly)-degradable waste instead of throwing it out right away and, on the other hand, I did not have to buy material for a new work.

Q. How you made the artwork?

The technique is sewing (stepling) and it is from garbage and second-hand textiles. Fun fact: the picture is made of materials such as my own hair from my hairbrush, a bun net with ten-year-old gelatin on it from the times I did synchronized swimming, packaging of online orders, a dozen bills, dirty cotton pads I used to remove my make-up etc.

Q. Who inspires you to be an artist?

Actually every person in my life I ever met. The objects, the people, the news and everything what I see and hear day to day get me a lot of impressions. I always let me get inspired by these impressions, in order to form all those emotions into an artwork. It is like a quick cleanup of my soul.

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