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HARDIK SHELAT – Wildlife Photographer

HARDIK SHELAT – Wildlife Photographer

“My name is Hardik Shelat born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since 2014 I have been associated with wildlife photography. It started with my love and curiosity towards nature. I always enjoy a walk, relaxing time in an area surrounded by nature – whether it is a garden, park, riverside or forest. During my walk, I used to capture nature’s beauty but have been inclined to click different candid moments of birds and animals. Gradually, I nurtured my passion for wildlife photography – started investing more time as well as effort while visiting various national parks, sanctuaries and forests where my enthusiasm has been an added advantage. I evolved as a photographer who not only like to spread awareness related to various wildlife species but also strive to protect endangered, unique lives which creates an ideal balance to thrive on earth.”@hardik_shelat_photography

Blackbucks posing in front of the camera, Gujarat, India.

Up close with an Asiatic lion at Gir national park, Gujarat, India.

“Up close with yellow wattled lapwing”

“Blue-tailed bee-eater with cicada catch”

“Indian leopard at Jawai, Rajasthan, India”


INSTAGRAM: @hardik_shelat_photography

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