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Explosion in Kabul

Explosion in Kabul

A blast inside a mosque on the edges of the Afghan capital Kabul killed at least 12 individuals during Friday prayers as devotees accumulated for the Eid al-Fitr occasion during a truce. The Taliban extremist group, which pronounced the three-day détente for the occasion, denounced the assault in an explanation, and there was no immediate claim for who may have caused the blast.

The blast came within a week after an explosion at a school in the Afghan capital killed 80 people, most of them schoolgirls from the ethnic Hazara Shi’ite Muslim minority. The Taliban also denounced this attack and no one claimed responsibility.

U.S. officials believe the attack on the school may have been the work of a rival militant group such as the Islamic State. Violence, including assaults on civilians, has expanded in Afghanistan, even as the United States has started an activity to pull out the entirety of its leftover soldiers throughout the following four months.

There have been no significant reports so far of direct battling between government powers and the Taliban during the occasion truce, which started on Thursday toward the finish of the Ramadan fasting month. Nonetheless, side of the road bombings have proceeded, with at any rate 11 regular people announced killed and 13 injured in four bombings on Thursday.

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