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Elexis Ansley – Billboard-charting recording artist, singer-songwriter, actress and multi-instrumentalist

Elexis Ansley – Billboard-charting recording artist, singer-songwriter, actress and multi-instrumentalist

Billboard-charting recording artist, singer-songwriter, actress, and multi-instrumentalist Elexis Ansley unleashes captivating music, transporting listeners to expansive worlds. Her acrobatic voice and gravity on stage invite audiences into her irresistible orbit and show her profound connection to her artistry and her message. Elexis Ansley’s hot EDM single “One Life” spent ten weeks in its Billboard residency and peaked at #16. Its cinematic and visually stunning music video touches on multiculturism and overcoming adversity through a powerful storyline with Elexis as a cosmic super goddess sent to illuminate that which needs to be transformed. Her electronic pop single “Light Shower” also earned a residency on the Billboard Dance Club Chart. In the accompanying music video, Elexis neutralizes negativity by harnessing the power of compassion, showing love and understanding to those who attempt to dull her vibrance or steer her off her path. In addition to music and the arts, Elexis is also a successful life coach, helping others to have a positive relationship with self whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Having lost 100 pounds herself, Elexis is passionate about helping others love themselves in a way that helps them achieve their health and nutrition goals. Elexis Ansley has a degree in Music from Florida International University as well as in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona and she is an active reverend of metaphysics in her spiritual community.

Elexis Ansley’s new R&B single called “Amnesia” produced by UK-based producer George Holliday comes out on April 8th. Amnesia is a captivating, hypnotic and sensual love pursuit about falling for someone you feel you’ve known before. When the person desired doesn’t immediately reciprocate the same love language, it’s a patient feat of temptation to win them from anaesthesia state. The genre is R&B/Soul with Pop elements and the mood is sensual sultry seduction. “Amnesia” also has a stunning accompanying music video which was shot in her current city of San Antonio, TX. Perhaps the most attractive quality Elexis Ansley possesses is her commitment to be unapologetically herself. She weaves elements of self-love and positivity into her music and encourages her listeners to embrace community and oneness. Experience Elexis Ansley’s allure for yourself on music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Music.

Here is Elexis Ansley in a converation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

I’ve been singing since the age of 3 and even at such a young age I just knew it was what I wanted to do with my life. In elementary school, I started studying classical flute at 9 years old and it really became a true love of mine which I continued studying all throughout high school and college. My classical background has been extremely helpful in my career as a songwriter and recording artist and I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful teachers I’ve had throughout my life that have helped ignite my passion for music and furthered my education in music.

2) Which was your first song?

The first song I ever released was an EDM track called “Weekend Lover” produced by Daneon which I still really love to this day. From the title you might think that it has to do with a weekend fling but as you listen to the song you realize that it’s about a power couple who are dedicated to their work and career all week long and can’t wait until the weekend when they can both be free to spend time and enjoy life together. 

3) Which has been your most memorable live performance?

My most memorable live performance was at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL. It’s such a high energy venue and everyone was having a great time and enjoying the night to the fullest. I love performances where I can really engage and connect with my audience in ways I never have before.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

Vocally I would say Christina Aguilera has been my greatest inspiration. I’ve always been amazed by her voice and the acrobatic melodies and ad-libs she adds to her songs. She is just such a powerhouse. Some other singers that have really inspired me are Adele, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Etta James, and Aretha Franklin. I’ve also been really inspired by adversity I’ve experienced in the past from people who didn’t believe in me before my career took off or those who criticized me. I’m actually very thankful for them as they’ve truly made me into a better artist, giving me, even more, drive to make my dreams come true. 

5) Tell us about the Billboard journey. 

I’ve had two singles both produced by Eha Rouge to hit the Billboard charts. The first being “One Life” which peaked at #16 and spent ten weeks its Billboard residency. “One Life” speaks about going for your dreams regardless of what anyone else says and the importance of living each day to the fullest. The second was Light Shower peaking at #25 which is actually one of my favourite songs I’ve released to date. It’s all about protecting your aura and neutralizing negative energy while harnessing the power of compassion for those who don’t believe in you, sending them love and light. I was extremely blessed to have such an amazing team of celebrity DJs remix my records for the dance club charts such as Tony Moran, Dark Intensity, and Klubjumpers just to name a few. It was an amazing experience and definitely a dream come true as an artist. I’m so thankful to my team and everyone who was on board for those projects.

6) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see myself continuing to star in feature films as well as be touring the world with my music and message of community and oneness. I also plan to continue my education in music production and songwriting as I feel these are fields in which you never stop learning. Lastly, I’m hoping to have released or been working on a hip-hop jazz album similar to the style of Amy Winehouse which has always been a big dream for me. 

7) Which is your most preferred genre?

I love singing so many genres so this is a tough one but I would have to say jazz and blues which is why I’m hoping to create a modern-day Amy Winehouse type of album in the future. In terms of the genres I currently am working on I’ve really enjoyed the vibe of my newest single which has an R&B soul vibe with commercial pop elements. 

8) Tell us about your latest track.

“Amnesia”, produced by UK native George Holliday, is a captivating, hypnotic and sensual love pursuit about falling for someone you feel you’ve known before. When the person desired doesn’t immediately reciprocate the same love language, it’s a patient feat of temptation to win them from anaesthesia state. It has qualities of sensual, sultry seduction and it’s definitely a song of mine I’m most proud of. I’ve really enjoyed the creative process of writing and producing this song and working with George has been an absolute joy. He’s a phenomenal producer who really cares about his artists and the music we create together. I just love his depth of musicality and the R&B vibes he brings to this commercial pop track. 

9) Tell us about your life as a life coach. 

My life coaching is all about inspiring others that they can be, do, or have anything if they just believe that they can while also focusing on balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. I enjoy all aspects of life coaching but having lost over 100 pounds myself I love helping others with their weight loss or nutrition goals and the emotional work that comes with it. Each person’s journey is different and requires different things to help them evolve into a better version of themselves so I cater each person’s sessions to their own personal needs. Our society has been so programmed to think that we’re not good enough or that we should attain some unrealistic expectation of beauty or looks, so I’m big on helping others deprogram and overcome that while encouraging self-acceptance and a positive relationship with self. I’m just really passionate about helping others in any way that I can and it’s really been a rewarding aspect of my life mission and career. 

10) How was life in quarantine?

Life in quarantine was actually a blessing at times for me although of course, it had its difficulties. It was hard not to be physically connected with people but the silver lining was that it was an opportunity to go deeper into myself using meditation and other spiritual practices that I might not have had as much time for before. It also provided the time to delve deeper into my writing experience and George and I were able to work together remotely rather seamlessly. In every negative situation, there is always an opportunity for growth so I focused on the positive aspects of quarantine as much as possible and overall it was a positive experience for me.   


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