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Jupiter Mwshahari aka Zupiter – a DJ, musician, record producer and composer

Jupiter Mwshahari aka Zupiter – a DJ, musician, record producer and composer

Jupiter Mwshahari better known by his stage name Zupiter is a DJ, musician, record producer and composer from India. He gained recognition for his single “Manw Bidi” from his debut EP “Cherry Blossom” and for the remix of “Thandi Hawa” by Ritviz. Zupiter’s debut EP, Cherry Blossom was released worldwide on 04 February 2020. His latest single “galangdw“ hit more than 100k views in a week, got featured on RollingstoneIndia new music daily and the music video got aired on MTV Australia and MTV UK. His music mostly consists of soulful melodies and cute sounds. He term those cute sounds as flowerful music. Recently he has been recognised by a well known mainstream music producer “Ritviz“ after listening to two of his songs which is “Bombay Kids“ and “Manw Bidi”. He loved those songs so much that he made him the highlight of his live session. He isn’t signed to any record label yet but isn’t tired of producing music independently either.

Here is Zupiter in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begun?

I wanted to be a musician since I was in middle school. And some of my friends used to sing along to the songs of our favourite pop and rock bands. But we didn’t know how to make an original of our own. When I was promoted to high school, I started listening to electronic music. I used to listen to Skrillex and Avicii a lot and then slowly I discovered some more great electronic music producers. I got so obsessed with electronic music that I made up my mind to be an electronic music producer too. I started spamming some of the local producers asking how do they make their music. Some of them replied saying they make music in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I started learning how to use a DAW. Slowly and gradually I got better at it. Even though my parents gifted me a computer, they didn’t allow me to keep it in my hostel back then. So, I used to borrow my best friend’s laptop and try to make music on it. As time passed by, I got better at making music and also my parents started believing in me. Now, I am much more inspired by some of the creative music producers in the industry, may it be underrated ones, doesn’t really matter. Listening to their music help me in shaping my music a lot.

2) What is the story behind your stage name?

Technically, the word “Zupiter” doesn’t have any meaning. I just came up with this name because my real name “Jupiter” is so common and the word is very famous already. But I really wanted people to call me “Jupiter” rather than any other stage name because I thought, being called by any other stage name will make me awkward as I am one of that INFP kind of person. So, I came up with an idea to just change the first alphabet “J” to “Z” as it sounds the same when you pronounce it but the word is unique.

3) What was your first song?

Professionally, it was “Xopun” with one of my good friends “Ashwini Iangrai”. It was just a simple music with some lines of personal feelings in it. But technically, it was “Protishruti”, made with one of my hostel seniors “Dhruva Saikia”.

4) Which has been your most memorable live performance?

I must say, it was the cultural festival (Ecstasy) at my University which was held last year in 2020. I can never forget that night because I could really see my mates vibing to what I was playing and of course because of the stage too. It was huge.

5) Who has been your inspiration?

Although it’s never consistent. But, San Holo has been my constant inspiration since the beginning of my musical career. I love how creative he is while experimenting with different sounds.

6) Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

I really see myself playing at some big electronic music festivals, maybe at some night clubs, college fests, collaborating with some of the greatest artists who has been my inspiration, producing beautiful music, making a lot of music videos, learning new tips and tricks, mastering myself in music production and also helping to make this world a better place to live in.

7) Which is your most preferred genre?

I love listening to every genre of music. It just depends on my mood at that moment. To be honest, I love listening to love songs a lot, may it be any genre. I love the way it put me in my world of fantasy. Lately, I’ve been listening to “Novo Amor” a lot. In the case of production, I can never put my music into a specific genre but mostly, it’s a mixture of Future Bass, Tropical and sometimes Lo-fi. I say it “Flowerful music”.

8) Tell us about your latest track.

My latest single is “galangdw”. A Bodo electronic song. It is a cheery, acoustic guitar-aided electronic-pop kind of music, but exactly not it. It is a song about a solitary mind trying to free his lover from his toxic heart. My friend “Akhrangma Brahma” wrote the lyrics himself and sang the acapella too. We loved the final output a lot. I could really feel my vibe in this song and he could feel his. We decided to make a music video on it. Every single member from the video team was from our friend circle. Each and everyone contributed their effort in this video, even if you couldn’t see them on screen. It was like a little get together apart from a music video. Staying in a farm house, cooking dinner together, singing, chatting, laughing. We had a lot of fun. Everyone has their heart on it to which it resulted hitting 100k views in less than a week on Youtube, getting featured on Rollingstone India new music daily and getting aired on MTV UK and MTV Australia. Everyone from the team is really proud of this song.

9) Tell us more about your upcoming projects.

Lately I’ve been working on an EP which I’ve been planning since the beginning of this year. It’s going to be an unique and beautiful one. I don’t know if my listeners are gonna love this kind of music because it’s totally new and different to the songs I’ve made earlier. But this EP is the one which is gonna define my sound and which is gonna define me as well. Apart from this EP, i also have some collaborations coming on with some great artists from my place.

10) How was life in quarantine ?

To be honest, it didn’t affect my schedule much as I was used to staying in my room, making music, watching series and all. In fact, I got more time to put in my music. Also, how can I forget that I got recognised by Ritviz this quarantine? He played two of my songs live and made me the highlight of his live session. I was so nervous, it was unbelievable. Then I got a chance to remix his single “Thandi Hawa”, which people loved a lot. Still the most streamed song on my Spotify. San Holo followed me on Twitter also discovered a lot of beautiful songs. My life in quarantine was the best.


INSTAGRAM: @zupitermusic
YOUTUBE: Zupiter

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