There are fault lines in every society that come to grind the diversity but the shifts in sociopolitical dynamics need to see through what we make of it.

It’s been months since Breonna Taylor 26, a certified EMT was shot by Louisville police but no seriousness can be surfaced in terms of justice. On the night of her killing, she was said to be with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker, police fired multiple rounds and she was hit by eight of them, in between walker fired in defense. Walker was detained on the charges of attempting to kill police officers. Police claim that they followed the protocols of carrying out the investigation and acted upon their full-fledged research over the nexus of drug traffickers. They followed a car for some days which would go from the city center to Taylor’s apartment. She was a suspect for keeping illicit drugs in her house which were assimilated by an alleged drug dealer. After her killing, no drugs were found in her apartment. The initial probe in this shooting was handled by the Louisville metro-police but no seriousness could be seen as was demanded by the protestors, activists, or any other thinking person who is aware of the deeply entrenched prejudice against black people in the US. From past incidents, it’s evident from various accounts of people who bear the repercussions of this hatred because of racial supremacy that there has been an infallible and unquestionable allegiance to persecute the black community. This goes beyond the civil rights movement; racism has been an integral part which has contributed immensely to keeping the black communities at bay be it economically or socially.

The United States has a sizeable amount of black population but when we go through the crimes bureau in most of the states, the majority of those detained with serious charges are found to be the Black. There can be some visceral explanations to this depending upon the lower representation they have had in the major public sphere of influence or financial space or constant hostility shown by white cops towards them. But what ails the society as a whole is that the oldest democracy can’t fix the conundrum and a vicious impediment so the institution whose existence is attributed to secure interests of different sections of people based on the principle of maintaining law and order. In the past few months, many such killings of black people can be found; some made headlines some didn’t as per the magnitude and direction of public agitation. The police are also alleged for its casual stance when it’s about detaining people from the black community without concrete substance to back their actions. If Taylor was a suspect there must have been other ways to probe and carry out the investigation to unveil connivance. Without causing loss of lives, if there were any drugs, they could have been retrieved with some unabated hardships, to say the least. We have heard of war crimes but what we have witnessed this far in terms of the recklessness and an odious sleuth by the police towards the black community is appalling.

It seems that for the black people the rule of law turns out to be dubious and diabolical, these are fairly strong words but when lives are lost following alacrity by the state instruments makes us wary of the fault lines of the problematic ostracism which is voiced up by defiling the instruments of maintaining public order and law. When George Floyd’s killing caused a serious mobilization of people not at home but all across the globe, Congress responded by introducing legislation, calling for holistic reforms in the functioning and training of police. Which hasn’t reached the core of the problem; solutions however come after greater realizations.

This certainly isn’t it, but why even the 21st century is not immunized against racial discrimination?

Things are easy to analyze in a society governed by the rule of law, as there are implications if certain elements of the society aren’t compliant with it, similarly, the weaponization of the same also tells about against whom this is being abused and how their socio-political standing would bear the brunt. Rule of law isn’t the only panacea to counter crimes but it’s an instrument that has proven to be more heuristic and efficacious. The crux of the situation is that to maintain its sanctity it needs to be representative of the malaise that is eroding the society from behaving in a humane and civilized manner. The US is falling short of it somewhere, such incidents have occurred frequently and raised a furor among the masses but this tragedy is nowhere to vanish from the public arena. This is the high time when people should be empowered to fight any adversary which is dehumanizing in its actions with institutional backing. Societies are ethnoculturally driven to some extent but to save their diversity and to manage the interests of different people, the social contract has a vital role to play which should be inclusive and pluralistic to reflect the challenges and possible set of negotiations to coexist peacefully. Such a social contract has to come from the highest lawmakers of the spectrum and must strive to sustain and evolve as the dynamics affecting them change course.

 So when Martin Luther King Jr. said “I look to a day when people will not be judged by their skin color but by the content of their character”, he was hopeful that one day the society will make peace with its fraudulent grandeur of establishing a superiority complex. This is not too much to ask from the people neither from the state. If one of these elements promotes hatred the state has to be the protector, it can somehow gradually emancipate people from their biases and a sense of patronizing only one side.

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