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“Travelling – it gives you home in thousand strange places, then leaves you a stranger in your own land.”

Situated far north of the Arctic Circle, Lofoten is where earth reminds you who’s in control. The stone mountains conceal numerous astonishments. With its postcard-looking little fishing towns settled in fjords, dabbing a tough coast with sudden pinnacles rising straightforwardly from the sea, the archipelago is regularly portrayed as quite possibly the most beautiful pieces of Norway.


The consistently changing climate of Lofoten sets out interesting lighting opens doors for proficient photographic artists and selfie-chasing beginners the same. An expanding number of individuals are finding the sorcery of the islands and are deciding to put together themselves with respect to the islands for quite a long time at an at once to get the absolute best chances and even 4k video projects. A brisk word for the novices, however! As enticing as it could be, don’t wrongly focus a lot on your devices. Few can actually hope to catch the genuine excellence of the islands on film, so make certain to gaze upward and record the recollections with your own eyes, as well!


From staggering all encompassing perspectives to distant seashores, barely any puts on earth give a particularly terrific normal stage for climbing aficionados. Regardless of whether you need to walk around a beach or tackle the absolute most testing climbs in Scandinavia, there’s a climb for you on these islands. The westernmost island, Moskenesøy, offers the most celebrated path with a few experience organizations and strolling guides situated in and around Reine. A significant number of the best beaches in this piece of Norway must be watched by walking, compensating those willing to make the climb with a portion of the nation’s seashores all to themselves. However, some astounding finds are directly by the roadside.


The imaginative flash of the islands isn’t simply restricted to photography. In case you’re experiencing a temporarily uncooperative mind or fresh start disorder, this could be the ideal spot for you to rediscover your dream! Painters have been going to the islands for the light and regular view since the nineteenth century. Today you’ll discover displays, glass-blowers, earthenware craftsmen, gems producers, stone carvers, and numerous different sorts of craftsman running their own workshops. In Svolvær, Kunstnerhuset gives an impermanent home and studio space for specialists working with paint, illustrations, and numerous different sorts of craftsmanship.


The remote ocean encompassing Vestvågøy island inclines off as it approaches Unstad seashore, making this straight a magnet for cold water surfers. It’s referred to in the global riding local area as perhaps the best spot in all of Europe to get a wave. The waves are at their generally steady in pre-winter and winter, yet even so this isn’t a spot for fledglings. It’s likewise the most probable season to see Aurora Borealis, making a really remarkable aurora chasing experience for all you surfers out there – climate subordinate, obviously!

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