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ALLEPPEY – @the_enigmatic_escapist

ALLEPPEY – @the_enigmatic_escapist

“When the sun sets down and makes you feel like coming home, meet me at the backwaters of Alleppey”

Fondly called the ‘Venetian capital of Kerala’ or the ‘Venice of the East’, this picturesque city is known for its enchanting backwaters, scenic beauty, azure lagoons, evergreen coconut groves, intricate network of canals, and other natural bounties. Alappuzha- mostly called- Alleppey is a city located on the Laccadive sea in Kerala.

Alleppey is one of the oldest towns in India which is built according to a proper town plan. Its iconic houseboats cruises make Alleppey a popular vacation destination among tourists.

The history of Alleppey starts from the time when the place got introduced with Christianity by St. Thomas. Centuries later, the Portuguese and the Dutch forces established their dominance and strengthened the Christian religion. The beautiful town of Alleppey also played a vital role during the period of independence struggle against the British Raj.

From Alappuzha India points of interest to the famed Alappuzha beach park, Alleppey bares to you the soul of rural Kerala. Floating past the villages that are so full of life and enjoying watching how the locals use the canals and the backwaters as their roads and highways is a highly amusing experience.

Apart from sailing across the intricate canals that divide the little villages, one could go fishing, canoeing, sightseeing, or could relax under the maneuvers of an experienced Ayurvedic masseuse.

The highlight of the Alleppey itinerary should be the stay on the houseboat, which promises to be an exquisite experience. Go ahead and explore the countryside fringed with palm-fringed nature trails, sun-kissed beaches, heritage sites, temples and so much more.

Towards the shore lies the Alleppey beach in the Arabian sea, a beautiful example of the gems you would find along the Malabar coast. The appeal of this beach is only amplified by the history attached to it, and a walk down the 137-year-old pier is a must.

Be sure to catch a traditional snake boat race in the months of August and September and try out some toddy (palm wine) at a local toddy shop for adding a touch of authenticity to your travel experience.

Whether you are a nature lover, searching for romantic destinations, planning for a family, or a solo trip, Alleppey in Kerala (India) can be your destination. Visit this quaint town to have a rendezvous with natural beauty and cherish tranquility, like never before.

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