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MUNDAPAHAD BEACH – @momentfilmer

MUNDAPAHAD BEACH – @momentfilmer

”Let the waves hit your feet & the sand be your seat.”

The Mundapahad Beach in Chidiyatapu, Andaman and Nicobar islands is very close to nature as it gets from its meandering mangrove cover to the stunning sunsets. It is a mind-blasting beach with an extensive collection of birds possessing over 46 varieties of endemic birds. The beach has become a dwelling place for these vibrant, pulsating, and beautiful birds; as a result of which the Mundapahad Beach is popularly known as Chidiya Tapu, where Chidiya means Bird and Tapu means Island. Popularly known as Chidiya Tapu, the Mundapahad Beach never disappoints its visitors. It offers a wide range of activities such as photography coral-viewing, trekking, fishing, and bird watching. Besides this, one can also bask in the sun.

The Mundapahad Beach is primarily famed for the gorgeous view of sunset it provides. Some of the locals especially visit the place in order to witness the divine beauty of the setting sun. The beach is about 25 Km away from Port Blair. It takes about 40 minutes by road to reach this beach. This sunset will prove to be the most memorable sunset of your life. Moreover, the place also proves to be a heaven for the love birds. The beach offers the best sunset in the entire group of the Andaman Islands.

Trekking is an option for the wildlife and adventure lovers who tend to explore the lush green forests of the beach. A 1500 m trek to the southernmost part of South Andaman from Munda Pahad Beach seems a relishing treat for the action-packed trekkers. One needs to pass through a dense forest in order to complete the trek. Besides, one can also catch a glimpse of the limitless waters which set the viewers dumbstruck.

The Mundapahad Beach, being an indivisible and noteworthy piece of the Andaman Islands is of mind blowing tourism esteem. The Beach has a tendency to make an appeal on multitudinous sightseers who continue running to the place all as the year progressed. Other than captivating the visitors, the shoreline is additionally very main stream among local people, along these lines boosting up the tourism business. Local people regularly visit the place for picnics. Sightseers are typically attached to this sort of shades and never waver to catch them.

The lush green mangrove knots, the tweeting flying creatures, the rich thick woods, and the completely clear waters all appear to include the glory of the Mundapahad Beach. The magnificence of the place is with the end goal that it makes an appeal to its guests. The Mundapahad Beach is a standout among the most went to shorelines of the Andaman Islands. Dwelling in the lap of nature, the Mundapahad Beach is really an incredible sight.

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