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A Letter to my ex-best friend forever

A Letter to my ex-best friend forever

Dear Anmol,

I know you must be wondering that how did my joy (the name I gave you, as brought joy in my life) changed to do Anmol! To be frank, even I don’t know. How did it all changed, from two best friends always staying together are just now smiling meet up while crossing the road!

But after you went I managed up everything, I was so broken, scattered and alone but I try to be there for myself without you I never had anyone! For me from the littlest secret to the biggest trouble of my life each and every detailed I used to share it with you, each and every festival of the past 7 years with just celebrated with you! Full of time first friendship band in each other’s hand still makes me cry on friendship day While seeing my hand empty!

I don’t know how and when happened, where did some misunderstandings created by anyone? or the gaps of our silence kept on increasing day by day? or whereas being upset of each other and waiting for someone to talk? I don’t know which misunderstanding made your heart weep,? But all I know is that we could have solved everything together, clearing all are questions in the brain, instant of just is emissions we could have talked! Maybe I could have slept due scolded you but not left you in Silence. You could have just told me all my mistakes,& I could hug you there and just stay there!

Leave it’s all past but all I knows I tried my best to keep our friendship alive till today don’t even utter a word against you know our friendship. Indias I will make a confession today I still miss you, but that’s life it goes on even after someone leaves my life continued to but with a little bit of change now I definitely make new friends but I don’t have the friendship with any one of them! Never thought that instead of writing on a friendship I would be writing on the breakup of a friendship.

Below is a little poem which has some questions which I want to ask you?

“Where were you” whenever you Needed eyes to look at you comfortably, I was always there for you!
Whenever you need it ears to listen to all your all bad and good stuff, I was there! 
Whenever you need it a smile at those who made you cry, I was there!
Whenever you needed tongue to speak against the world for you,I was there!
Whenever you need hands to clap and pet for your success, I was there!
Whenever you need it fast from your worries, I was there!
Even when you need it appears to flow from your eyes and make your heart feel lighter, I was there!
But where were you when I needed you where were you, where were you!!!

And by chance, you read it somewhere, and if it brings tears in your eyes just come to me hug me right there! Latest islands complete all the incomplete talks, maybe it won’t ever be reached to you as the distance has infinite, but to Remember I still miss my joy,

– from someone whom you have forgotten a long time ago!

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Kruti Trivedi

Kruti Trivedi from Ahmedabad. Perusing computer engineering as career But a writer by heart ! She belongs to miracle believers in the world of practical ones!

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