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A Frustrated India

A Frustrated India

The great Indian democracy has reached a new low of groundbreaking foundings. Today the people of India are unfortunately divided into two categories. We all know they are either labeled as bhakts or anti-nationalist. The people of india who support the Modi regime are labeled as bhakts even if they have no links with the Bhartiya Janta Party or any of its subsidiaries or vice versa and the same goes with the people who question the Government’s actions. But the question we must ask ourselves is how did we reach here.

How did the narratives of the media outlets made us what we are today? We must not shy away from questioning the regime for what is wrong and derogatory but must not criticize every step taken by testing it under a microscope as well.

The state of anarchy recently seen through the protests in different parts of India against the Citizenship Amendment Act was one such scenario where a large scale protests were done, I don’t oppose the people putting forward their views that’s what a healthy democracy looks like.

Neither do I shy away from condemning the ruling party’s leaders who were carelessly attacking a particular community of our country nor does that mean the law passed was wrong not, the Citizenship Amendment Act or more commonly known as CAA was passed by both the houses, unlike the money bill it needed the majority of both the houses.

The majority in Rajya Sabha to pass a bill is required to be 112 whereas the votes in favor of the bill were 123 and the opposition had 99 votes against bill out of the possible 110. The law was passed with a clear majority despite NDA not having a clear majority in the upper house.

Its been almost four months and India is currently under a complete lockdown due to the Corona Virus outbreak leading to the disease known as COVID19 and the virus known as SARS-CoV2. The Government is doing whatever is possible to contain the spread of the disease which is the only thing the ruling party can do in the absence of the vaccination or any possible cure for the disease.

The Finance Ministry announced a package worth one lakh seventy thousand crores to fight the financial shortcomings faced by the people who will indeed be affected by the lockdown the country is observing due to the novel coronavirus disease.

The package focuses mainly in the form of food grains and cash transfers for the poor and vulnerable section of the society to help them deal with the hardships caused by the lockdown. The move was highly appreciated by the citizens but at the same time, there were a few who condemned the same for not being sufficient enough to provide every class of the society. My question to those intellectual beings is that shall we first feed the needy or the greedy, but I won’t divert from the main topic.

The people questioning the lack of testing for possible covid19 is valid and must be put forth in the upcoming meetings as that is the only solution we have to know about the real ground reality.

To those questioning the healthcare facilities, I would like to attract their attention to developed nations like Italy, Spain, and the USA where the medical facilities are very much advanced yet they were unable to contain the spread. The lack of PPE kits for the medical facilities must be questioned and brought up in the mainstream media compelling the Government to do the needful.

People in India are defying the orders of the police and administrators just because they oppose the regime is not only harming their own lives but also the lives of their close ones. The way the media houses covered the whole Tablighi Jamat scenario was ridiculous and must be ridiculed by their conduct as they unintentionally gave the reason to those who seek such opportunities to ignite the communal disharmony.

I condemn what was done by the people of india who attended the Jamaat and their irresponsible behavior afterward but in no way is it justifiable to say the whole religion is to be blamed.

We must realize that these are a few narratives that are run by media houses for an hour but through social media this is all we are exposed to thereby igniting the dormant communal disharmony within us. There were gatherings done by the UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath but none of the media houses condemned that, neither was Kanika Kapoor labeled as a Hindu nor was the Indore incident where 1500 people gathered on a thervi ceremony highlighted on such a big scale as the Tablighi Jamat.

This displays not only the mindset of the media houses but it raises a question that every Indian must ask themselves ‘Is this worth our precious time?’. In such hard times it is our responsibility to take care of our families and avoid such negativity. People must not shy away from their responsibility but at the same time not spread any fake news as well, it may cause more harm.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi came twice to address the nation, in the first instance he asked the nation to clap for five minutes to show the solidarity for all those serving us in these hard times and the second time asking the people to light diyas and torches to show the unity.

The great intellectuals started questioning this as well questioning the steps the government is taking and the lack of concern displayed by the Leader but I would like to tell them that every single day ICMR members holds a media conference so does the Secretary of Home affairs sharing the same information these intellectuals seek.

The hate for a regime is fine and needs no explanation since its a personal feeling and can not be changed with a few good deeds but at the same time criticizing the Government on vague issues is like scathing the back of an already wounded soldier.

This article is framed in such a way so that the reader’s mind is not affected negatively but it ignites the dormant flame of the readers to introspect and see things as it is and not how we are shown. The thoughts of a person are highly influenced by the things he sees and therefore I would urge all my readers to please be generous enough to contain this hatred around us because unlike the corona you won’t be safe even in your houses in a communal riot.

Let us all stand together in this difficult time and fight against the pandemic and also against narrative set against a particular community during such a difficult time. It may be them who are targeted right now but there is no assurance that you won’t be next in the line.





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