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Yuksom – @samantasupriya

Yuksom – @samantasupriya

Checked out from our hotel in the early morning and we were on our way to RAVANGLA via. Yuksom.

YUKSOM was the first capital of Sikkim and I wonder why not still? God! This place is just amazing and so peaceful that one can spend a full day there doing nothing. Yuksom is the gateway to meet Kanchenjunga. Some trekkers select Yuksom as their starting point to Kanchenjunga.

  • Karthog Lake :

The lake, named ‘Karthog’ is also a holy lake, full of fishes in it. The place was so calm and peaceful, the light cold breeze moving around, comfy atmosphere with the sound of those fishes playing in the water. We carried some food for the fishes, and trust me you will enjoy feeding them for like hours.

  • Dubdi Monastery:

Dubdi Monastery, also known as ‘Yuksom Monastery’, is about 3 km away from Yuksom. We had our car with us, our driver drove us approx. 2.7 km and the road was very craggy and dangerous also. Then we walked in the steep road roughly 350-380 meters on our own to reach the monastery. The roads are for trekking purposes only.

Walking path towards Dubdi Monastery. Thrilling, right?

We reached our resort in Ravangla in the evening. We stayed at The Himalayan Resort, and suggest you to stay here.
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