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VERONA – @the_blond_travels

VERONA – @the_blond_travels

“There’s no world beyond Verona’s walls.”

Celebrated by Shakespeare, who put it on the map as the sentimental setting for the moving story of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a breathtaking, old corner of the Veneto locale, nestling between the stream Adige and Lake Garda, and personally connected to their waters. The Adige today streams between solid dikes, worked after the 1882 flood to contain the overwhelming waterway water. This beguiling city which has been granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO, with the charming Adige River coursing through it, is the diamond of North Italy.


Verona, at its center, is a city of workmanship, spotted by remnants from an earlier time – old history, Roman vestiges, middle-age remains, and Venetian, and Austrian. As you stroll by the old fashioned royal residences, squares, spans, and superb places of worship, you absorb a tad of this. It is difficult to miss the compositional and aesthetic works of art that are arranged along its roads. It is fairly simple to lose your heart to this brilliant city, so you should be ready for unexplainable adoration. These are the spots that must not be missed in magnetic Verona.


With the drop of the Barbarians in the third century AD, Verona turned into an effective army installation for the control of the fringes, particularly after Gallienus had reinforced its city dividers. Regardless of this, the city respected the Visigoth attack, to Attila, to Theodoricus’ Ostrogoths lastly to the Longobards, who anyway were crushed by the Franks in 774. From the Middle Ages onwards Verona, more than the wide range of various unassuming communities of North Italy, was consistently a significant imaginative focus with a prospering school of painters. In 1136 it too turned into a free Commune town and, when rot was inevitable, the Signoria Scaligera (rule of the Scaligera family) settled itself. The new rulers devoted themselves to rearranging the entire town, changing its format.


Verona’s cobbled streets make the city ideal for exploring on foot. With few hills and level footpaths, it is accessible for people of all abilities, unlike many old cities in Italy. Some of the attractions to discover include the Castelvecchio Museum, an art collection housed within a historic castle. At the Verona Cathedral, admire architectural styles and attend a morning service conducted by Verona’s bishop. Experience the lively atmosphere of Piazza Delle Erbe, the central square that hosts a daily market. Pick out some local produce from the stalls or dine-in at one of the restaurants that line the square.

Verona is renowned for its northern Italian cuisine, which is often based on rice. Try a hearty risotto made with local mushrooms and truffles. Re-enact famous scenes with your loved one from Juliet’s balcony and snap some photographs as a keepsake.

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