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The Great Wave Of Kangawa – @slowedreverbed

The Great Wave Of Kangawa  – @slowedreverbed

Art has always been an inextricable part of my life ever since childhood. My mother always encouraged me to express myself with colors. This has been a habit I have never let go of. Between the shades and hues of colors, you can always find yourself. Art helps me connect to myself. It is a remedy to my distress on the worst of days. And it’s non-negotiable. 

The possibilities of a blank canvas are immense. You are the creator. You can express yourself by simple splashes of colors across the canvas or through repetitive patterns or through the creation of hyper-realistic pieces. The possibilities are endless. There is no one true form of art. 

You may be discouraged by your own art at times. You may put in hours into a piece of work and it may not turn out as well as you had planned. Never give up.
Your art has value. With every color on the canvas, you are expressing your soul – creating meaning and value. If not to you, it may speak a ton to someone looking for meaning. 

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