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Sports : A necessity

Sports : A necessity

Had I stayed indoors and never indulged in any sort of sports, I would’ve been an entirely different person today. Perhaps I would’ve been a short-tempered and a grumpy sort of guy. I grew up playing quite a handful of sports, cricket being on top of the list. I remember how it changed my life.

Though I couldn’t pursue the game further but the game gave me a lot. In one way or the other you always get results for the sweat and hard work you put in anything. Controlling my temper, being patient, keeping my calm, looking for new solutions and working as a team are some of the things that the game gave me.

I’m not emphasizing the fact that go out and get involved in a game completely and make a career out of it, but instead of sitting home, watching TV, scrolling through social media go out a learn and play a sport.

It will teach you how to lose, it will teach you how to be a good loser. You’ll lose so much that you won’t be afraid of losing any more, you’ll be willing to take any sort of calculated risk. If guided right, it’ll bring out the best in you.

A former American Football player and coach once said, “One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it”.

You won’t learn discipline, patience, teamwork and many such qualities just by reading and talking about them, you’ve got to go through the process. Always remember that a fit mind resides in a fit body and also don’t forget that it’s never too late to start!





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