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solo ranking? Top 5 hero recommendations

solo ranking? Top 5 hero recommendations

Wanna solo rank? Top 5 heros for solo rank in Mobile legends Bang Bang

Note: These are my personal recommendations some people might have different views on this matter.


Lancelot was always a powerful and cool hero due its impeccable skills. He can counter almost every hero in 1 v/s 1 if mastered skill timing and skill directions. This hero provides damage along with amazing evading or chasing abilities. He was forgotten due to the release of many new assassin’s.

In the recent update, Lancelot got revamped and is buffed and he got 40% stronger than before (He was crazy strong already). In the new revamp no skills are changed, it’s still same as before. But what changed is his passive and that’s what make him capable of securing a position in current meta.




(Before)  Passive was activated through basic attack which reduces enemy or creep defense and increases his damage by 20% on enemy whose defense is reduced.

(Now)  Passive is activated using dash. For each dash damage will be increased by 8% and can be stacked up to 5 times.


  • Short skill cool downs.
  • High bursts/ high damage.
  • Able to dodge targeted abilities
  • Invincible during Phantom execution and Thorned rose


  • Dies quickly if crowd controlled
  • Hard to master and control.

Recommended battle spell: Retribution. (for fast farming)

Tips: max out 2nd skills first and ultimate as suggested and then the 1st skill.

Build recommendations:

  • Raptor machine.
  • Magic shoes or warrior boots.
  • Endless battle.
  • Blade of despair.
  • Malefic roar or Sea of Hepteseas.
  • Immortality or Rose gold sword.


Natalia is a hero who specializes in aiming the backline of teams and if left alone, can do devastating damage to a team! She belongs to the assassin class.

What makes Natalia deadly is her passive and ultimate.

Passive: Deals 15% additional damage when attacking form behind. In the bush Natalia becomes stealthed (will be detected when close to enemy) if not taken or dealt any damage in 2s.Stealth mode increases her movement speed by 15% and next basic attack will be backstab, dealing 20(+80% total physical ATK) physical damage and silencing the enemy for 0.6 sec.

Ultimate: Natalia triggers Assassin instinct and enters stealth, empowering her basic attack. Increase 20 physical ATK for 3s.Can be used again after 5s.

So Basically Natalia can go stealth 3 times which is deadly as hell.


  • Burst Damage
  • Can stop enemy from using skills
  • Immune to basic attacks
  • Can freely roam around enemy to reveal their location on map.


  • Have many counters.
  • Can be crowd controlled easily.

Recommended spell: Retribution, inspire

Build: Build as much critic as you can. As she’s critic queen.



What makes Pharsa Deadly?

Pharsa has it all:

  • Poke damage
  • Burst damage
  • Can reveal enemy in the bush with passive if used any skill in the bush(on the enemy)
  • Slow effect which makes her to hit enemies with other skills pretty easily and hinder them from escaping
  • Has 4 abilties
  • Can fly over walls and can also fly outside the arena (for limited time only)

Recommended spell:

  • Flicker: Evade enemy or chase enemy during ultimate just like odette.
  • Flameshot: To push enemy away from you or to kill enemy far away from your reach.
  • Arrival: to quickly switch between lanes and join the teamfights.




For burst damage.

  • Demon shoes
  • Glowing Wand
  • Ice queen wand
  • Holy crystal
  • Lightning truncheon
  • Divine glaive or Genius wand

Although builds can be re-configured as per the opponents but the above build  can help one shot any damage dealers.

Bonus Tip:

My Combo:

  • 4th to chase
  • 1st to target and slow,
  • 3rd (Ultimate)to stun and damage,
  • During Ultimate use 2nd for burst damage,
  • Continue the ultimate.


The Current Tank nightmare for every dash hero (almost all currfent meta are dash).

Most picked or most banned tank in current meta is khufra as it the perfect counter of many deadly heros. Khufra is full of crowd control which makes his good in ganking as well as team fights. He can dash to a pretty long range and stun in AoE.

What makes khufra deadly?

  • Ability to affect the area i.e AoE based skills.
  • 2nd skill stops any dash heros
  • Can move to a long range pretty quickly.
  • Can stun the whole enemy team if in range.

Recommended Spell: Flicker, Ageis.



  • Easy to use.
  • Dominating as he can deal pretty good damage in early game.
  • High mobility
  • Good durability
  • Much offense


  • If bouncing ball is countered can be killed easily.
  • Tyrant’s rage and tyrant’s revenge take time to launch.


The infamous tank killer karrie is back. Some of you might be thinking why karrie? There are so many good marksman out there. So why karrie?

Why I picked karrie is because currently most teams are preffering 2 tank stratergies.

Also as you all might know that tank is different from any other marksman. Others depend on physical damage, Karrie depends on true damage. No physical or magical resistance items can reduce true damage. That is why she is known as the tank buster.

karrie can evade almost every mm and can also deal damage while even evading them which is quite an advantage to karrie. She can easily dominate the enemies.

Recommended spell:

  • Aegis
  • Purify


Buy hunter knife for starters.

  • Demon Shoe
  • Demon hunter
  • Golden Staff
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Thunder belt
  • Blade of despair

If you don’t have a tank with you then buy raphtor machine instead of thunder belt until level 15.

Above build is for tank as it is non-critic. For critic just change golden staff with windstalker.

Hope this helps you.

With regards VO1D

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