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Nvidia working on Smart Access Memory (SAM) for Ampere GPU

Nvidia working on Smart Access Memory (SAM) for Ampere GPU

AMD promoted another Smart Access Memory include for its RDNA 2 graphic cards (Radeon RX 6000 series) as something select to an all-AMD setup, yet Nvidia says it will bring SAM for RTX 30 series Ampere GPUs that work will work when matched with either an AMD or Intel CPU.0

In particular, AMD asserts that it can give the CPU full admittance to GPU RAM instead of restricting the framework to a 256MB gap window for data transfer. We don’t have the foggiest idea whether the huge Infinity Cache coordinated into RDNA2 has an influence in this. Nobody has put a 128MB cache in a GPU previously, so the possibility that it could assume a part in boosting data transfer all through VRAM isn’t insane, particularly since cache latency is apparently a considerable amount lower than the time it takes to go out to GDDR6.

Up until now, AMD has made the recognition that this innovation was selective to its RDNA 2 graphic cards, but recently Nvidia disclosed to GamersNexus that its Ampere cards likewise uphold resizable BAR and accomplish comparative performance gains when they have it enabled. Nonetheless, that will get through a future driver update, with no sign regarding when. AMD’s RX 6000 graphic cards are set to go on sale one week from now, which is a tight window for Nvidia in the event that it needs to have the drivers prepared by, at that point.

It absolutely feels like Nvidia is attempting to beat AMD to the punch. On the off chance that Nvidia’s Ampere silicon encounters comparative gains from the Smart Access Memory-like tech, it will entangle matters for AMD’s push to make a walled all-AMD gaming PC garden.

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