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Q. What Does Your Artwork Represent?

I paint fantastic subjects. I love creating magical worlds at the intersection of different realities, inventing characters, and their stories. I like to use different materials to translate my ideas. Now my favorites are oil painting, graphic art, and my new hobby is linocut.

Q. What inspires you?

Great Russian artists inspire me. I really love the work of Mikhail Vrubel and Konstantin Vasiliev. I am inspired by wonderful contemporary artists. It’s wonderful that we can see their work through social media. Ancient art inspires me. I am inspired by natural forms and the world around me. I am inspired by the cultures of different countries, literature, and folk epic. Now, for example, I am working on an illustrated book about Slavic mythology.

Q. What Does Your Art Mean to You?

I have been drawing since childhood, but I always thought that an artist would not be my profession. I went to this for a long time, working in related fields such as design and photography. Now I am absolutely obsessed with the ability to simply embody my thoughts on canvas or paper. When I receive feedback on my work, I understand that it is important and needed by other people. This makes me completely happy.

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