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Mt. Fuji –

Mt. Fuji –

Q. What does your artwork represent?

My art always represents something about my experiences with nature or whatever i am painting. My most of that works are related to nature. I am completely in love with the beauty of nature, time passes and I keep on looking the beautiful sky covered with those alluring clouds .You will always find a part of me in my artworks .

Q. What inspires you?

For me art is a therapy. Being a psychology student I have always learnt that do what makes you happy and painting makes me happy in a way nothing else can. So for me painting is itself is an inspiration. Looking at the paintings of the famous Painters makes me feel so motivated and inspired. The patience level painting has taught me I don’t think anything else could have.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

Painting is a gradual process, it takes time complete a piece of art and during this process I get so much attached to my artwork that I don’t feel like giving to anybody else .some of them also close to my heart that will bring a smile on my face as I see them.

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