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Q. What does your artwork represent?

Light and darkness together represent my art both in the metaphorical and physical meaning. I’m interested in various styles and have various areas of interests as well, I don’t like to stick to a particular theme or style, my creations are being shaped instinctively according to the content of my work’s theme. I like to combine figures, symbols, patterns to create a story mainly by using oil painting as a medium. I see life as a whole with the happiness and pain inside; life is not just about happiness; notions like loss, pain, death, inequality which society regards as ‘dark’ also part of life, and ignoring them means ignoring the existence which would be unfair to the art as a concept. I think it’s the responsibility of the artist to inspire others as well. We can only transform ourselves and the world around us by accepting the shadow aspects and having the courage and will to create a change.

Q. What inspires you?

I take my inspiration from life. Anything that evokes a feeling in me can become my inspiration. My subject matters are, mythology, history, politics, movies, influential people, places… I’m also into spirituality and like to travel unknown territories of ancient knowledge.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

Art means the world to me:) What if art would not exist; the world would be just a hopeless colorless void. It’s a journey of self-awareness and self-reflection. It’s the truest reality which I can refuge; a place of freedom where I can create my own world and reflect my own search for creation. It’s the sum of feelings that I can convey to the viewer to experience according to their own interpretation.
My art is also my healing process and if I can only make a little contribution for the collective to be healed, that would make me feel content and blissful. I like to transfer my thoughts and feelings through my art.
I love to project my examinations through art and this is the most delightful way to express myself, also I believe if we want change, we can make it happen through art, art is a revolution!

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