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FINLAND – @jlotravelstories

FINLAND – @jlotravelstories

”The sound of the nature is the best it is.”

Finland, a country located in northern Europe is one of the world’s most northern and geographically remote countries. The country has comfortable small towns and cities, as well as vast areas of unspoiled nature. About 10% of its area is occupied by lakes, rivers, ponds. Finland’s fusion of wild beauty, contemporary design, culinary excellence is such a beguiling mix. Throw in winter magic and irresistible summers, and you’ve one cool country.


Formerly a grand duchy in the Russian empire, the country became independent in 1917. Finland is since then a formally neutral country and like Sweden not a member of NATO. The Finland you encounter will depend on the season of your visit, but whatever the month, there’s something pure in the Finnish air and spirit that’s vital and exciting. With towering forests speckled by picture-perfect lakes, as if an artist had flicked a blue-dipped paintbrush at the map, Suomi (the Finns’ word for their country) offers some of Europe’s best hiking, kayaking, canoeing. A fabulous network of national parks has well-marked routes and regularly spaced huts for over-nights, and you can observe bears and elk deep in the forests on nature-watching trips.


Finland isn’t just vast expanses of pristine wilderness. Vibrant cities stock the country’s southern areas, headlined by the capital, Helsinki, an electrifying urban space with world-renowned design and music scenes. Embraced by the Baltic, it’s a spectacular ensemble of modern and stately architecture, island restaurants, stylish and quirky bars. And the ‘new Suomi’ epicurean scene is flourishing, with locally foraged flavors to the fore. Beyond Helsinki, Tampere and Turku in particular are lively, engaging cities with spirited university-student populations.


While Finland is a high-innovation government assistance state, Finns love to go to their mid-year bungalows in the hotter months to appreciate all ways of loosening up distractions including sauna, swimming, fishing, grilling during the short yet brilliant summer. Finland has a particular language and culture that separates it from both Scandinavia and Russia.

The country has so much to offer that you will stay mesmerized in its beauty forever. When you’re in Europe, don’t miss a single chance to visit this beautiful northern country. Plan a journey according to your favorite season of the year and a have wonderful vacation enjoying all kinds of activities in Finland.

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