Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is apparently one of the best CSGO players ever, however, it seems like the star experiences wound up in the midst of some difficulty after he unknowingly signed into a Steam account with a VAC restriction on CSGO.

S1mple explained that he was searching for a silver-positioned CSGO record to play with his companions when the deplorable episode occurred.

S1mple depended on Twitter to advise his fans with respect to the occurrence. He likewise communicated his anxiety about getting prohibited from official competitions because of it. “Just asked a friend to find a random account with a silver rank to play together, went into it and there is a VAC BAN (CSGO), hope they won’t ban me,” s1mple said on Twitter.

Further explanation by the 23-year-old Ukrainian uncovered that he didn’t open Counter-Strike from that account and had quickly logged off from the record when he discovered that it had a VAC prohibition on record.

S1mple himself tends to draw in the ban hammer, as he has gotten an aggregate of four Twitch bans over the most recent two years. In spite of the fact that every one of them have gone on for just about seven days, he is very inclined to such bans and in some cases he doesn’t have a clue about the explanation for them.

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