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CSGO: 37 Coaches banned!!! added 8 new members to the list

CSGO: 37 Coaches banned!!! added 8 new members to the list

Valve declared their further conviction to ban CSGO pro league coaches which abused the spectator’s bug. In a declaration made, Valve referenced their severe methodology in after the investigation was done by ESIC.

The report distributed by ESIC makes reference to a few CSGO pro league coaches who kept on utilizing the spectator’s bug. The report positions the coaches dependent on their force to misuse the bug. Despite the fact that Valve had before declared their goal to ban 37 coaches, their subsequent activity against this episode is extreme.

In a story curated by Dexerto, clearly, 8 coaches seem to have been prohibited forever and can no longer take part in Valve Major events:

  1. Alessandro ‘Apoka’ Marcucci
  2. Morgan ‘B1GGY’ Madour
  3. Bruno ‘bruno’ Ono
  4. Ivan ‘F_1N’ Kochugov
  5. Arthur ‘prd’ Resende
  6. Allan ‘Rejin’ Petersen
  7. Slaava ‘Twista’ Räsänen
  8. Aleksandr ‘zoneR’ Bogatyrev

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