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Catherine Chloe Olivia is a 14y/o Canadian and Taiwanese Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Model and Award-winning teen influencer. The award she won is from Kiwanis- Best 10 top teen influencer award. She had also released her original songs and wrote by herself. The songs were Never let it go and Change is a Choice is all out on every digital platform. And she has planned to release more songs later this year, will release an original song for her birthday on October.

Here is Catherine in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey began?

When I was young I was in a musical called Little Mermaid, I was the lead role, we sing dance and act, and that’s the Time I know I love being on stage and performing 

2) Where and when did you get your first break?

As a dancer, I got a chance to perform on the biggest stage in Taiwan in 2016 for Mid-Autumn Festival, it feels unreal!!! I will never forget that experience as an Actress when I was in third grade. I booked a role in a Taiwan teen talk show, I was the host of the show!! It was super fun, I met a lot of amazing people, and we have so much fun on set!

3) What are the odds in your industry as a career option and how did you face them?

For me as an actress, for now, I’m currently living in Taiwan and there are not many opportunities for me my age 14 there are not many roles for teens, and also it’s a bit hard for me to focus on both Taiwan and America the main reason is the time zone difference, like lots of time I’m doing interviews on 3 am lol. Also for now duo to Covid I can’t really travel and fly back to the states.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

Olivia Rodrigo, Selena Gomez, Madison beer, Zendaya… and so many more, they are all amazing and talented, and they had inspired me so much, the common things they got, and make me looked up to them, is their personality, they are always so kind, and do lots charity as well, I want to be just like the theme!

5) What are the pros and cons of being an actress?

For me, pros- I love acting, and every time I act or be in or host a show, I feel really happy, and I also love to try different characters as well, also there’s lots of film and movies out there, lots of people will see them, It’s another great way to show and share yourself and your character to worlds and… it’s so much fun on set and met so many people with the same passions  !!! Cons will be being an actress is not like working in an office, you don’t have the regular, daily job, it’s like your audition, you booked one show one film, and you have a job for like few months, but when the show ended, you have to restart it, you have to do another audition try to book another show. So you won’t have a regular job and income.

6) What according to you makes a good story?

I think it needs to include a bit of drama and romance at the same time. And maybe include some unexpected plot twist!!!

7) Tell us about being the Top 10 teen Influencer of the year.

That’s an award from Kiwanis, Taiwan, Asia apartments, I am one of the youngest teen influencers who got nominated and won. It’s really amazing to be selected, and the events were magical!!!

8) Tell us about your songs.

I have 3 songs published now called Change is a choice, Never let it go, I’m gonna. The common is these songs are the message, I want to share positive messages through my songs, I want to let the listener know that they are beautiful they are strong they have to believe in themselves and follow their dreams they can do it.

9) How do you face your critics?

If it’s online I’m mostly ignoring it and didn’t take them personally, but I actually face more in-person haters than online I mean yeah there’s a lot of online hate comments something like that and haters in my DM,  I used to take it personally but I’m learning try not to and I told myself to use another way to think of the haters I told myself if I have haters that mean I am one step closer to success and I told myself there’s definitely people hate you or disagree with you in your life but there are also people who love you and support you focus on that part ignore the hate part. 

10) What are your plans for future?

I am planning to release 2 to 3 songs in later 2021 and I am planning to make an EP soon in 2022. I’m also thinking to start my own merch line!!! Little hint, my next song will be released on my birthday October 15th!! My golden birthday so set your alarm!!!


INSTAGRAM: @catherine_official_account


YOUTUBE: Catherine Chloe Olivia – Topic

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