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AUSTRIA – @shotsbyesco

AUSTRIA – @shotsbyesco

“Travel is an investment in yourself.”

Europe is a vast country, and Austria is an alpine German-speaking country in Central Europe, almost surrounded by land. Switzerland is its neighbouring country, along with which it becomes the winter sports centre of Europe. Summer tourists find this place adventurous and thrilling because they enjoy its historic cities and villages and go hiking in the magnificent scenery of the Alps. Earlier, Austria was the German-speaking core and powerful centre for the vast multiethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire with its imperial capital in Vienna. And at present, Austria is a federal and republic country comprising of nine states.


  1. Vienna- It is the largest, cultural, economic, and political city in Austria.
  2. Bregenz- It is a famous place for the annual summer music festival of BregenzerFestspiele.
  3. Eisenstadt- It is a historical seat of the Eszterhazy Hungarian noble family that granted the town its aristocratic feel.
  4. Graz- It is known as Austria’s culinary capital.
  5. Innsbruck- It is the cultural and economic place of Western Austria.
  6. Klagenfurt- This place is close to the Worthersee, providing a scenic view to viewers.
  7. Linz- It offers a vibrant and artistic view to people.
  8. Salzburg- It is the birthplace of Mozart.


Austria is not a mountainous country rather it offers a mixture of the landscape. There are glaciers, meadows, alpine valleys, farmlands, vineyards, rivers, plains, and other beautiful things to explore in Austria. Greater Vienna is a European metropolis, located where the Danube meets the easternmost part of the Alps. One-quarter of the population of Austria lives in Greater Vienna. Vienna is home to all government, financial, and cultural institutions along with corporations due to its large history and geography. Therefore, the capital dominates Austria’s culture and political life of the country. 


The national and official language of Austria is German, and it is standardly known as Austrian (Standard) German. This type of German is almost identical to the German used in Germany, but there are some significant vocabulary differences and different accents. Other languages have some official status in different regions. For example, Slovenian in Carinthia, Burgenland Croatian, and Hungarian in Burgenland. Most people of Austria can understand another region’s dialect, but they face difficulty in Vorarlberg because it is Alemannic-speaking. English is also widespread among natives of Austria. Whereas, Italian is extensively spread in the parts of Austria bordering Italy. 


During both summers and winters, a large number of tourists visit Austria to enjoy the mighty mountainous scenery, High Mountain national park, National Park Thayatal, luscious valleys like Villgratental, vineyards like Wachau and Dunkelsteinerald. Austria is also a traditional destination for downhill sports, and cycle touring. It offers opera concerts and a special kind of cinematic culture to its people. If you are planning to visit Austria, remember that Austria is a cash-oriented city and uses ‘euro’, like other numerous European countries, and one euro is divided into 100 cents. 

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