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1) How did your journey as an artist begin?

My journey as an artist began very early on in life. There is a belief that anyone can paint a picture given the correct advice and encouragement. I was three when my grandmother showed me the world through her eyes, “ The eyes of an artist,” She would read to me bedtime stories that fascinated me, prompting me to illustrate the tales that she had woven in my mind the night before. Evenings were a treat as I sat and discussed with my grandmother the things that intrigued me most. She would give me themes based on characters from the stories narrated by her. Being an artist herself she initiated me into the world of crayons, watercolours and paints and guided me through the basics and nuances of light and shade, colour and proportions. At the same time gave me the artistic license to go about these sketches in whichever style I fancied. It used to be a treat, as I watched in wonderment, my grandmother bring her artwork to life with the strokes of her pencil or paintbrush. This encouraged me to re-create my perception of the world on paper and then later on canvas. I was encouraged by my grandmother a great deal as she mostly gifted me with art material on birthdays and special occasions. I too looked forward to receiving these gifts as they gave me immense pleasure in creating my very own art.

  Another lesson learnt, very early on in life from my grandmother was “good art is never copied, it should be inspirational.” She jogged my imagination by composing sets like fresh floral arrangements, bowls of fruits, different coloured rocks, shells, corals, wood, etc, expecting me to re-create them on paper. This exercise trained my eyes in becoming more observant. The hap-hazard way of objects lying about in a room too made a fascinating topic for me to reproduce. Most importantly I was encouraged to have my own individual style, which my grandmother told me would become my very own signature in the world of art.

2) Tell us about your artwork.

The subjects of my artwork are abstract, portrait, florals and landscapes. However, I mostly prefer abstract and portraits. Abstracts because when I sit at my desk to sketch, my creativity takes over and my hand spontaneously starts doodling the figments of my imagination. I find it all coming together, fitting perfectly well, like a jigsaw puzzle and the picture starts composing all by itself, making perfect sense. Sketching Portraits being my next favourite, as I am a people person and studying faces is of great interest to me. Each face has its own story to tell and unique beauty of its own, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  As far as my abstract art is concerned, I have designed covers of magazines, taken part in poster making competitions as well as designed posters on social awareness issues. Portraits done by me are of my favourite friends, some family members and Hollywood actresses of yesteryears. I also design coasters, artwork for packaging, conference hall paintings, logos, etc all of which are done manually.

   My preferred mediums for art are acrylics, watercolour pencils, pens and pastels, because of their immediacy of effect and enlivening of picture surface instantly. The mediums I use have become second nature to me because with these I can manipulate to create my own personal style.

3) What makes you different from other artists?

Each artist is unique in his/her own way when it comes to style, technique and approach. For me, my artwork is very personal to me as every colour, pattern, stroke has a special meaning. I have a special connection with every element that I present in my artwork, as it is through these different elements that I am able to express my inner feelings and emotions. The same goes for the mediums I use for my artworks. It is through these mediums that I am able to bring out my creative juices best. I believe in putting my heart and soul into every piece I work on. My love for colour is evident in all my artworks and experimenting with different shades gives me pleasure, given the fact that a world without colour would be, “Oh So Drab!” As I had mentioned earlier about having one’s own signature style, mine is seen in all my pieces of artwork, which is an extension of the state of my mind, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

  Of course, it is also open to interpretation, the viewer is free to interpret in any which way, he or she wants. Where my abstract art form is concerned the sky is the limit where I can express a myriad of emotions.

4) Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration as an artist comes mostly from my grandmother. I would spend hours on end watching her paint and sketch and the look of passion and dedication that I clearly saw in her eyes was enough inspiration for me to pick up the paintbrush. She introduced me to various artists and their works through a book series called “Great Artists.” Their works fascinated me as I stared in awe at each masterpiece created by them. The vivacity and boldness mostly drew me to their works. My favourite artists being, Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh,  Pierre Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Each of these artists stands out in their own unique way due to their technique and approach to their masterpieces.

  Here I would also like to include certain objects of beauty that have inspired me, some of these are- a meadow of wildflowers, grazing flocks of sheep in green pastures, gurgling and gushing brooks, serene lily ponds with carps elegantly swimming in them, wildlife, pets, faces that stand out in a crowd and the ever-changing sky. Music is the catalyst for all these emotions I feel while I work on my art. I work best with music playing in the background in complete solitude.

5) What is the most ideal thing about being an artist?

Art is a parallel universe for me, into which I slip in and out of as I please. It is a form of therapy as I am most relaxed when I can sit at my table and sketch or paint away for hours on end, listening to music, unaware of what is going on around me or what time of the day it is. It is a stress buster that helps me de-stress when I am overworked, tensed and in need of an escape. Being an artist at heart, I look at the world in a way that lets me stop, smell the flowers and appreciate every minute detail that brings me utmost joy and wholesomeness to my life. Certain moments in my life that I would like to freeze in time, I portray in my artwork. I feel blessed to be able to express my emotions and feelings through art and touch people’s lives.

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