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TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK – @daniela_celigoj

TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK – @daniela_celigoj

”We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Triglav National Park is one of the most delightful regions in Slovenia, where guests can hike, bike, swim, pontoon, fish, or simply unwind in flawless nature and appreciate the staggering perspectives. It is the only national park in Slovenia. In its cutting edge structure, it was built up in 1981 and is named after Slovenia’s tallest mountain Triglav (2,864 meters).

The recreation center stretches out along the Italian fringe and is likewise in closeness to the Austrian outskirt in the northwest of Slovenia. The chief assignment of the Triglav National Park Public Institution, which works the recreation center, is to ensure the immaculate nature and the social scene inside its limits.


Despite the fact that the mountains might be glorious, the woodland is the amplest in the park, and guests can climb one of the some very much stamped climbing ways or trails. The best ideal opportunity to climb in the recreation center is between pre-summer and early fall – the remainder of the year, the conditions can be unforgiving and are fit distinctly for the most experienced explorers.

The Soča Trail, the Tolminka box, the Triglavska Bistrica Trail in the Vrata Valley, the Pokljuka Trail, and the Radovna Cycle Route are the five fundamental paths in the recreation center. Guests can handle trails all alone, or recruit a local area expert to show them around. Rock ascending and hiking are likewise famous exercises in the recreation center.


Waterways and lakes structure the enrapturing scene of Triglav National Park too, with the turquoise Soča River known for leaving a significant number of the recreation center’s guests confused. One of the most famous sights in the recreation center is Savica Waterfall, the wellspring of Sava, the second significant stream in Triglav National Park. Lovely chilly lakes are another gem of the recreation center – among the most visited are Bohinj Lake and the Triglav Lakes. Both waterways and lakes offer numerous exercises for guests, including swimming, fishing, and stand-up rowing for the individuals who wish to unwind in nature, while thrill-seekers will appreciate boating, canyoning, and stream sledding on the recreation center’s streams.


Triglav National Park is additionally home to excellent blossoms and wild creatures. There are at any rate three endemic plants in the recreation center: Hawksbeard, Julian Poppy, and Silver-leaved Cranesbill. Know that however it may be enticing, picking blossoms in the recreation center is prohibited. With regards to creatures, the most well-known among the recreation center species are the chamois, the ibex, the red deer, the earthy colored bear, and the lynx. There are likewise are 84 fledgling species, with the brilliant hawk being the grandest. The copious blossoms and wild creatures add to the excellence of Triglav National Park.

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