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KUSUM SAROVAR – @pankaj_narshana

KUSUM SAROVAR – @pankaj_narshana

“There are reservoirs of divine love everywhere, but there is nothing like Kusum Sarovar”

Kusum Sarovar, one of the earthen ponds is part of the rich history of India. Located between Govardhan hill and Radha Kund, this lies in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh (India).

It is 450 feet long and 60 feet deep tank and features a flight of stairs on all sides. The Sarovar is believed to be the place where Radha along with gopikas used to collect flowers and meet Lord Krishna.

The exotic splendid building made up of sandstone was erected by Javahir Singh commemorating his father Suraj Mal, the founder of the family who died at Delhi in 1764. The principal monument which stands in the center is raised on a richly ornamented plinth.

This central chhatri (dome) is flanked on both sides by two other monuments which are comparatively smaller commemorating the two queens (Hansiya and Kishori) of Raja Suraj Mal. Behind the building there is an extensive beautiful garden with a variety of flowering plants and in the front of the monumental architecture lies the Sarovar.

The inner part of the building and ceilings of the monument is decorated with the beautiful and fine paintings depicting the pastimes of Lord Radha and Krishna and also the larger paintings depicting the events from the history of the family to which it was dedicated.

It is believed that one who takes bath in the cooling waters of this Kund/lake attains the pure love of the Supreme Godhead and qualifies for witnessing the eightfold pastimes of Lord Radha and Krishna. The magnificent building built against the backdrop of Kusum Sarovar also has the replica of Lord Krishna and Radharani’s lotus feet.

Kusum Sarovar is also known as Sumana Sarovar because the lake was formerly surrounded by the beautiful forests full of different flowering plants like beli, champak, chameli, etc.

Kusum Sarovar reservoir is one of the best marvels to visit for relaxation and stress relief. With landing places on every side of the reservoir, and venerable trees on the sides, the place gives a repose, silence, and charms that not many can offer. Also regarded as one of the forest pilgrimages of Lord Krishna, this is a place worth visiting.
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