Q. Why did you make this artwork?

As we all are stuck into the lockdown and in such crisis keeping oneself positive and productive is must. So learning a new skill could not only boost your creativity but also add to your skillset. Hence, I learnt a new skill and new software. Creating something is always been a way of meditation for me. That keeps you engaged and fills up you with so much peace and joy. Creating an art is like a celebration for me.
Gandhiji and his family members use to spin wheel and make a thread out of it in their spare time, and at the end of the day it becomes a cloth. So the idea is of creating, making things that give you joy. It is a kind of offering. It helps you grow, feel confident and at the end you have developed a whole new skill!

Q. How you made this artwork?

The form of art is called vector art. It is drawn digitally using Adobe Illustrator. Digital art is the new trend. As the world is blooming digitally, this new style of art is captivating. Using tools from the software to making a piece of art is a beautiful journey. That journey is what matters. It gives joy. It makes you think and ask questions.

Q. Who inspires you to be an artist?

I am an architect professionally and art has always been a part of my life. Since childhood, I used to make things and that engaged me with myself. I started wondering, exploring, and absorbing new things.
For me, art is a way of looking at things and an artist is who that highlights those unique ways. I think the way people connect with art is what inspires me. It is a relief yet desire to sight. Art has many emotional and psychological effects on our bodies. The art could tell a story, could inspire you, could motivate you, and is must essential in a space. The way there is a subtle feeling of lightness when you see a piece of art and absorb it is what strives me to be an artist.

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