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Boccadasse – @pasto_22

Boccadasse – @pasto_22

‘An old mariner’s neighborhood of Genoa.’

Boccadasse is one of the most famous ancient fishermen villages that still can be visited in Genoa and is located between Corso Italia and Capo Santa Chiara. Here you can find colorful houses, rounded cobblestones, fishing boats and fishermen nets on the small beach, stone staircases and unforgettable ice creams, but also restaurants where you can taste typical dishes and have a drink looking at the sea: Boccadasse is one of the most beloved places by Genoese people and by visitors for its timeless charm.

With its houses from the pastel shades are huddled together and narrow around a small bay, even if now surrounded by city context, the village has retained almost unchanged in time, as you could see one or two centuries ago, a circumstance that has made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Genoa.

The great charm of this place is also due to the fact that it is not a simple preservation of the past for tourist purposes, but a village alive and vital, where still some fishermen continue their old activity. Today, alongside them, there are ice cream parlors and restaurants and small art galleries. Boccadasse is the traditional point of arrival of the walks of the Genoese in Corso Italia, the popular promenade from the mouth crosses the whole district of Albaro and terminates in correspondence of the church dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua, where are kept many ex-votos linked to the tragedies of seafarers. 

Boccadasse is a 100 years old fishing village with a little beach and colorful buildings overlooking the sea. It is a little gem of Genoa and when you arrive there, it’ll give you the impression to be living in a postcard where time seems to stop. Some times when the sky is clear, from this small village you can even see the faraway village of, Portofino. You can arrive in the village of Boccadasse by walking along the modern promenade (which was built during the two World Wars) of, Corso Italia.

This old village, it’s also the main destination for couples that will exchange their promises of eternal love, and of parents who’ll take their children to play on its beach. And of course, if you wish, to have a refreshing ice cream or to taste some of the local food delicacies in its small restaurants.

Later from this same village, you can go for a relaxing walk that will take you toward the Capo di Santa Chiara from where you’ll then admire the ancient villas and the medieval castle of Turckle together with its unique breathtaking view on the sea.

And if one day you’ll ever decide to visit this small seaside village, there is a positive assurance that you’ll not be able to easily forget this very old and enchanting place.

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