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70 PERCENT RESTRO CAFE – Bringing dreams to reality

70 PERCENT RESTRO CAFE – Bringing dreams to reality

Dreams do come true if you yourself believe in it, these group of friends from Lucknow have always wanted to open a cafe together since their childhood but with changing time they all shifted to different places and started their life but one day one of them Arpan called them up and decided to carry on with their dream of opening a café and leaving everything behind they all came together to make their dream come true, which is now known as 70% bistro a beautiful café situated in Dehradun with great ambience and food.

70% was opened on 15 June 2018, the café itself gives you great vibe once you enter, a great place for every generation to come and enjoy from providing great variety of food to its customer which also includes healthy options they also have board games and zenga which can be a great choice of passing your time while waiting for your food to arrive. It has a beautiful atmosphere which can be enjoyed with great food and a place for everyone to relax and enjoy.


Extreme left is Aryan Singh. Next to him is Aditya Kashyap. 3rd one is Akshit Saksena. Extreme right is Akarshit Singh (Aryan’s younger brother)

Here is Aksht in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) What thought came to your mind when you decided to open 70% restro?

Hello Dehradun! We are blessed that we got your support In these tough times. We are a group of friends from Lucknow since childhood days, we always wanted to open a cafe since the 9th standard of our school days, it was our dream to open one together. Then life happened my friend Aryan went to Noida for graduation and I(Akshit) went to the Institute of hotel management, Goa. In our college days, we got busy and there were very fewer times when we met. After college, I got a placement in Bangalore and I started working there in an international restaurant brand. And my friend Aryan went for higher studies from UPES. Then one day Aryan called me and said let’s do what we planned and open a cafe. As it was a dream I left my job and my friend Aditya who was my colleague in Banglore also left him to start a new journey. I’m from the hotel industry, so I know how it works and I wanted to open something that is different from the normal restaurant/cafe. We wanted to give fresh and healthy food to our customers, We worked hard and here we are. Most of my customers know me personally and they love to eat in our restaurant. And that’s what matters in the end. Our aim of the organization is “To deliver health through food as much as possible”

2) Why is the name 70% restro? Is there some story behind it?

The name has it all! When we go to a gym we are told that 70 percent is diet and 30 percent is workout. So 70 percent Restro Cafe is a health cafe which tries to give fresh and healthy food at all costs. We have a live kitchen where we cook in front of you and give you the best food.

3) What makes your cafe different from many other cafes available in Dehradun?

When we came to Dehradun, there were two or 3 cafe that says that they were health cafes, when I tried them I got to know that they were not. We are the Best health cafe in Dehradun. We are featured in “Great cafes” and “Great food, no bull” on Zomato. We have also been awarded by CM of Uttrakhand Honorable Trivendra Singh Rawat for the “Best health cafe in town”. Also, we have 4 brands that we run. We started up with our cafe. Then we opened Biryani Mansion as I have told earlier we all are from Lucknow. So in this, we serve the authentic Lucknawi biryani and Dum Hyderabadi handi biryani and many more. 70 percent Diet- Where we only serve Diet food with written and calculated nutritional macros. We have a subscription model of weight gain and weight loss, we have transformed more than 200 people. Marinations by 70percent- We have recently started frozen meats packed n marinated our own style. We cut it, we rinse it and flavour them in the most hygienic way and in a controlled temperature.

4) Most loved dish of your cafe by your customers?

I tell you one funny incident. People came and told me our menu is big. So we thought of cutting some items from our menu. And that time we realised that all our products are frequently consumed by our customers. There was no dish that has less orders. It was very difficult to filter our dishes that too people come and ask us to make the ones that we have removed. Most people love Steaks, Salads with in-house dressings, Our special wheat Traffic light momos Whole wheat-based pizzas, Fresh green apple mojito and our pancakes.

5) As it’s your cafe, you might go once or twice to chill and have dishes of your choice. So tell us one such dish that you love from your cafe.

If you look into our menu. You will find all the dishes that I love. You can say I have made the menu for myself only. Whatever I love u have it in our menu and thank all our customers loved it too. I love our steaks and salads.

6) How difficult was it during the quarantine?

As you know this pandemic hit everyone and every organisation. Every organisation is affected by this virus. So yes the Hospitality industry has been affected the most. It was difficult but with our core team members, we managed to survive. Unfortunately, most of the cafes and big restaurants have been shut down because of COVID-19. We stay strong and welcome all our customers.

7) How safe is your cafe now as many things are opening up how can one be sure about the safety of the place?

Before COVID-19 we used to follow 5-star property standards in our cafe as I used to work there before opening this cafe. We follow all Food safety measures, Food handling safety and hygiene regulations.

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