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Zephyrtone – Youngest EDM/POP musician duo from India

Zephyrtone – Youngest EDM/POP musician duo from India

Zephyrtone is one of the youngest and fastest rising electronic acts, comprising of the producer + vocalist duo – Sayan and Zephyr.

In 2017 they released their viral single ‘Only You’. The track has already garnered more than 10.4 million views and was picked up globally on BBC, Kiss FM, iHeart, MTV Asia, VH1 and numerous other distribution networks. In late 2017 they released the single Dance The Pain Away & the video also soon became a hit with 5+ million views. With 2 tight recent singles under their belts, Zephyrtone set their sights outside India and sealed releases of both tracks on top European labels including Universal Polska & Blanco Y Negro. The single was also released in territories as far removed as Israel, Mexico and Brazil. Their latest single “FUN” with Belgian Pop Star & The Voice Germany contestant Shane Hendrix debuted at #2 on iTunes POP chart & #18 on the global chart.

Touring constantly, taking it by storm, Zephyrtone’s energetic performances are making crowds dance like never before. Sayan’s productions and Zephyr’s voice fuse together to create an exceptional soundscape of originals, covers and remixes. Zephyrtone has performed in some of the top festivals like Sunburn Festival, Vh1 Supersonic, TimeOut72, Mood Indigo, EVC, Power Arena. They have shared the stage with superstars like Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Wiz Khalifa, Alan Walker to name a few.

Here is Zephyrtone in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as musicians begin?

We started off as a musician duo back in 2016 when our management signed us as an artist in their roster. Things escalated since then.

2) Which was your first song?

‘Only you’ was our first single. We also released our first music video which was directed by us.

3) How do you feel after becoming the youngest EDM/POP duo?

We are overwhelmed by the response in such a short span of time! It’s been 4 great years in the music business and we have been growing ever since! It feels like we are living a dream when we perform on stage. It feels surreal!

4) Which has been your best achievement till now?

Our first ever music video ‘Only you’ that went viral with millions of views and shares which we didn’t expect has been our best achievement to date!

5) How was the experience at sharing the stage with Martin Garix, DJ Snake and Yellowclaw?

Amazing! We had the time of our lives!

6) Who has been your inspiration?

We ourselves have been an inspiration for each other. We inspire each other to do better with every new release.

7) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

On the billboard of NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE.

8) Which has been your most memorable performance?

Our most memorable performance was at Mood indigo Mumbai! It was our first and best ever concert! We were literally shaking. We were so nervous, we had no idea what it would feel like performing for thousands. We gave our best and things skyrocketed since then! The only sad part was we didn’t get paid for it. Haha!

9) Tell us about your latest track.

Our latest song ‘Kuch Lamhe’ is a mixed bag of complicated emotions and feelings, we tried to simplify it through our music. It’s our first ever Hindi-English fusion song! Wrote Hindi lyrics for the first time ever and it was something so new and experimental for me. And I’m so grateful Sayan (music producer) approved it! Then we finally found Akshay Oberoi who sang his part beautifully.

10) Which is your most preferred genre?

We don’t follow any specific genre. Any music that sounds beautiful attracts us!

11) How was life in quarantine?

It was productive! We started posting covers on our YOUTUBE. We never thought of it before COVID since we were always busy with our tour life and did not invest time on our social platforms! The situation has pushed us to a point where we started working on our social platforms.



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