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What Can You Predict? – Kareri Lake Trek

What Can You Predict? – Kareri Lake Trek

I was talking with a friend of mine while sipping tea during a break in college that it’s been a while and we should go on a trek. We were high, so we both agreed without any plan and we both knew we weren’t serious. Somehow the word got out and four more people asked to join. I guess things have their own way of flowing with non-seriousness. We planned to go the same day because the more you think the lesser your chances will be to go on and trust me it happens. It’s not just a typical Hindi movie line. The only problem was our periodic exams and that used to happen twice every semester. So on the day of the last exam, we left the exam hall as quickly as possible. We had our bags already packed. We called the taxi and left for the village Kareri. Little did we know what’s going to happen next.

Kareri Lake is one of the best trekking destination in the Dhauladhar Range. It is a 13kms trek and 2934m above sea level. Throughout the range, there are 7 lakes. All the lakes are on the peaks of progressive mountains. Kareri is the 7th and lowest lake among all. There is a temple of Shiva-Shakti near the lake.

The taxi dropped us at Kareri village. None of us were familiar to the place and none of us have been to Kareri before so it was totally an expedition for all of us. We asked the locals and they told us that the actual starting point of trek is 3km ahead. We walked 3kms abusing that taxi driver and reached at the starting point. It was a hot noon in March. We started our trek. As we were going up, Dhauladhar chills were freezing us. There was no problem of water and the trek in itself was not that difficult.

If you’re still reading, you might be thinking it is just a simple story. Like previous ones, there are no ups and downs in the story. And same was the trek for me for almost 9kms. We were talking and laughing and clicking and rolling*. I was looking up to the magnificent mountains and I was thinking exactly the same. Now, here is what I want you to know. There are times in life when you are just happy. Obviously, you are looking up to something to achieve but you are happy with your present. Learn to enjoy it. Don’t look out for problems to make your life complicated. There is so much on the internet about what to do when you are sad that now we do not know what to do when we are happy. I don’t really believe we are a sad or depressed generation. We just don’t know how to handle our happiness. We shatter it with our own hands. Please don’t do that. Problems will come but until then why don’t we just enjoy being happy.

Now, let us go to the title of the story. It was about to get dark. We started the trek in late afternoon so we didn’t reach the top during daylight. We were somewhere and we didn’t know how long was it going to take to reach to the top. We were still walking and suddenly what we saw was totally unpredictable for us. There is a glacier in front of us. The worst part is, it was getting dark. We turned on the flashlights and we saw that the snow was melting from below. So now we have to walk on a thin plate of snow which, we didn’t know, could handle our weight or not. At this point, things were getting serious. We somehow started walking on the snow plates. It took us more time than expected. It was getting hard. The Sun went down and the fear took over.

We saw some people coming with a torch from the top of the mountain. We asked them how long is it going to take to reach the top. They said it would take approximately half an hour. We were tired so we decided to camp there. Gazing towards the most clear and beautiful sky, we made our supper and spent the night.

In the morning, when the sun rose, what I saw was the most mesmerizing view I had seen so far. The mountain full of snow was shining in the sun like a bird with wings of pearls and diamonds. It was so beautiful that we stopped there for 10 minutes in silence just looking at the utmost beauty of the glacier.

It took us 15 minutes after that to reach the lake. We sat there in the shining sun and the cold snowy mountain breeze. We met people from different places. We met a cute little dog. We saw a beautiful mountain in the reflections of Kareri lake. Shades of white and blue made me realized that I’m the wilderness lost in a man.

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