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Vatnajökull – @thestrawhatbackpacker

Vatnajökull – @thestrawhatbackpacker

The glacier and ice caves of “Vatnajökull” in Iceland

Ice caverns are an everchanging characteristic wonder with captivating ice development and hues. Remaining in a staggering ice cavern inside an incredible icy mass you will feel you have gone right to the core of this place that is known for fire and ice.

See the light pouring through breathtaking straightforward ice and the wonderful lively blues whirling around you at the Crystal Ice Cave in the strong Vatnajökull Glacier. The entirety of Iceland’s ice caverns are enchanting wonders, everyone is extraordinary and everybody is a fantastically valuable gem of nature.


The most well-known ice collapse Iceland, the Crystal Ice Cave, is arranged at Vatnajökull, the biggest icy mass in Europe. Individuals go over the world to see this specific ice cavern, its photogenic splendid gem blue precious stone ice has included in countless photographs. In this cavern you will see incredible twirls of solid gem blue turquoise and even extremely profound sea green/blue opening out around or more you.

Vatnajökull never stop to flabbergast and captivate. The biggest icy mass in Europe tumbles down the most noteworthy mountain edge in Iceland in colossal icefalls, simply over the Southeast piece of Route one. The ice monster covers 8% of Iceland and is 1000 meters thick at its thickest.


Vatnajökull has breathtaking magnificence. At its edge, dynamic turquoise ice sheets glide on frosty tidal ponds, and somewhere inside, the ever-changing ice caverns hypnotize guests with their presentation of sapphire blue light.

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