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Typhoon Molave: Vietnam

Typhoon Molave: Vietnam

Vietnam has been hit by one of its biggest storms in two decades – Typhoon Molave. Vietnam is prone to natural disasters in the rainy season between June and November, with central coastal provinces commonly impacted, but the storms have notably worsened in recent years.

Typhoon is a regionally specific name for a strong “tropical cyclone”. A tropical cyclone is a generic term used by meteorologists to describe a rotating, organized system of clouds and thunderstorms that originates over tropical or subtropical waters and has closed, low-level circulation.

Vietnam deployed hundreds of soldiers and heavy machinery on Thursday to search for survivors after landslides triggered by torrential rains from the typhoon.

The landslides, which hit distant territories in the focal region of Quang Nam late Wednesday, killed 13 individuals with 40 absent as salvage endeavors were hampered by awful climate at the last part of the tempest, the legislature said. State media said 12 fishermen died at sea.

“We can forecast the storm path or the amount of rain, but can’t predict when landslides happen,” Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung said in a statement. “The road is covered under deep mud and heavy rains are still lashing the area, but rescue work has to be carried out quickly.”

Since early October, Vietnam has been battered by storms, heavy rains and floods which have affected more than a million people. The government said Typhoon Molave — also known as Quinta — had left millions of people without electricity and damaged 56,000 houses. Before it hit Vietnam, the typhoon passed through the Philippines, where it caused flooding and landslides that disaster authorities on Thursday said had killed at least 16 people.

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