Trust is a huge feeling a belief in all our lives, it can be called the fundamental of life. Every relationship from a mother and her child to a boss and her employee one thing is an important element in it, that is the trust.

If you cannot trust somebody it becomes intolerable, you can love a person a lot but if you cannot trust him or her it is baseless.

A relationship can have everything in it but to keep that everything in tacked trust is an important part. Why do you think many marriages break after a few years after being in love for years and living together for years if trust doesn’t remain the relationship becomes lifeless?

The same can happen in a boss and employee relationship, if your boss doesn’t trust you enough you both can never have a successful team together. Trusting someone can always be hard, you might also get hurt a thousand times but what still remains with you to make you keep going is at least you gave it a chance.

To begin with, any relationship be it with your colleague or your boyfriend or girlfriend the cycle must start with trust one person has to give it a chance so that the other person comes with it, you have to take the first move.

Your trust might get broken but at least you gave it a chance that what makes you a stronger version in yourself.

Trust has to start somewhere why not start with you.

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