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Tips/Hacks to apply liquid lipstick

Tips/Hacks  to apply liquid lipstick

* Exfoliate before moisturizing

One of the biggest drawbacks of wearing matte lipstick is its tendency to find dry spots on your lips and rudely highlight them for all the world to see. Matte lipstick can’t cling on to dry spots that aren’t there, so exfoliate your lips before applying. You can easily make a DIY scrub that does exactly the same thing.

(Mix Almond oil + coffee) store it in a small glass box .

Scrub your lips before applying liquid lipstick from Ibacosmetics

*  Moisturize Before Applying

Prep your lips with moisturizing lip balm. Liquid lipstick stays on for a long time and this can dry out your lips. To keep your lips moisturized, apply some moisturizing lip balm to your lips before you apply the liquid lipstick.

*  Conceal Your Lip

Use concealer around your lips. Liquid lipstick can bleed onto the areas around your lips if you get sweaty or in hot or humid weather. To prevent it from bleeding onto the skin around your lips, apply some concealer to the skin around your lip line using a makeup sponge.

* Use A Lip Liner

To define your natural lip line and to prevent your lipstick from getting messy, use a good lip liner to define, reshape and perfect the contours of the lips. This way you will achieve a more defined, precise and polished look.

* Add Definitions

Use a small concealer blush and work on your edges to correct the shape of your lips. This is optional but if you want to give your lips that pouty look, you can add a subtle hint of lip gloss.

Try all these hacks for applying perfect liquid lipstick & thank me later.

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