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  1. How did you make this artwork?
    Once I came across a similar post in digital form on Pinterest so I used that as an inspiration to express my thoughts on the true emotions of women in society. So I sketch the basic outline on the A3 ivory sheet and painted it with water colors.
  2. Why did you make this artwork?
    With this I want to depict the situation of women in our society. It doesn’t matter which nation or state we’re talking about everywhere women are asked to keep silent. They don’t have much say in decision making. They have been the ‘Silent’ pillars of society since ages that too with no recognition.
  3. Who inspires you to be an artist?
    I don’t consider myself as an artist, I’m an expressionist. Whatsoever I feel I try to express it on paper with some paints.

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Anirudh Chandel

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