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Vedic Mathematics or one can say “Sixteen simple mathematics formulae from the vedas”, Indian history is full of wonders and all these wonders can be seen through the Vedas. They are sacred books with many questions and many answers, one can say the source of wisdom scientifically as well as spiritually too. There are vedas and upavedas as well. The four vedas are Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda. And similarly, there are upavedas like Ayurveda, Gandharvaveda, Dhanurveda, and Sthapatyaveda.

If one wishes to dig the knowledge of every Veda, the Internet can do the wonders for you. Obviously, like ancient times we don’t need to travel the world for wisdom, one click and we can read the experiences of scholars. So, What is this Vedic Mathematics?

The “Sixteen simple mathematics formulae from the Vedas” is written by His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Bharati Krsna Trithaji Maharaja of Govardhana Matha, puri. He spent his life reading and gathering knowledge from Vedas and experiences. He knew that ‘Vedas’ consists a complete knowledge and able to throw the fullest necessary light on all matters which any aspiring seeker after knowledge can possibly seek to be enlightened on. Sthapatyava or engineering comprises all kinds of architectural and structural human endeavor and all the visual arts.

There are consolidated metaphysical backgrounds in the Vedas of the objective sciences including mathematics as regards their basic conceptions is a point that may be granted by a thinker who has looked broadly and deeply into both the realms. His holiness during the course of eight years of highly concentrated mental endeavor give which we can say “Mental” Mathematics; intuitional visualization of fundamental mathematical truth and principles.

From childhood, we had this fear of mathematics (well some had), because it was always tough to visualize or imagine the mathematics and we all know by visualizing the concepts we make the things easy to remember and understand. It is sad that in our curriculum we don’t study these sixteen formulas/Vedic style. Because they think it’s hard to visualize as some people are so deeply rooted in the conventional methods that they probably subconsciously reject to see the logic in in-conventional methods.

But it’s worth studying, this mental mathematics as it makes so easy to visualize the numbers and to do the basic operations with them. As a science student, mathematics is always essential and not for a student for daily works, we use mathematics as well. And we all wanna learn it without any tears in our eyes and Vedic Mathematics can be named as “Mathematics without tears”. One can easily watch YouTube videos and purchase books to learn this style. And one should too.

In this modern era, we rarely know about the Vedas and Vedic mathematics as we are influenced by the modern concepts which is not bad but these ancient teachings are worth knowing and some teachings help you spiritually as well.

“Other sciences have different theories to propound but Mathematics has only theorems to expound”

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    Well I am so fortunate in this case my maths teacher in 9th standard taught us all these formulas in Games period, at that tym internet era has not yet come. we all classmates feel so angered at that time. because we lose our most precious period but now I feel so privileged to be taught by that mam


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