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The Darza Studio – Inspired by the Palestinian Arab Culture

The Darza Studio – Inspired by the Palestinian Arab Culture

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.

Their journey began when Waad and Ahd Hammad finished their degree in fashion design from Bezalel academy of art and design, by simply sewing one design and show casting it to everybody to get a sense of what people think of their work and their perspective on the work they’ve put up.

Darza Studio – The work is inspired by Palestinian Arab cultural heritage, in all forms, including cultural and societal, as well as the history of traditional Palestinian dress. They have established the business two years ago. In this project they mainly focus on slow and sustainable fashion, discussing personal identity issues that women face and achieving Palestinian traditional dress. They are mainly inspired by women in their surroundings and celebrate their differences and diversity using local techniques that distinguish Palestinian women in particular from the rest of the World and showcase their unique beauty with different traditional garments, distinct patterns and designs.

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

The speciality of the Darza’s handcrafted tote bag is that it is stylish, handmade, have a unique design and above all, it is the perfect replacement for plastic bags, they manufacture the fabric in Hebron which is 100% cotton, get the embroidery on it, in Qalandiya which is a refugee camp. they even customize the bags with embroidery, colours, designs, patterns or whatever the customer asks for, whether it’s a letter or a name or a sentence they get it done according to the choice of the buyer.

The ultimate goal of Darza is to make women feel comfortable in their own skin, to be their true self, not to succumb or fall for international fast fashion trends, and for each one of them to preserve their rich heritage, cultural and societal identity, and to celebrate being a Palestinian female in particular.

“You are who you are, not what the world imposes on you.”

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Palestinians.” – Nelson Mandela

The trade has been adversely affected post conflict and moreover it is not a conflict* it’s an ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians mentioned both of them.

Living in the heart of Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah, our neighbours are facing forced displacements from their houses. “We’ve been affected really hard, we can’t move freely and we’re facing problems with the delivering since the delivering company have a difficult time entering the neighbourhood, the homes people live in have become smelly because of the skunk water and the tear gas.” says the owners of Darza studio own And since they buy all the fabric from Jaffa, they can’t go there anymore as they were able to move freely once, the mobility has been difficult because of the ongoing situation, many of the designs are out of stock but it can’t be restocked as they can’t get the fabric.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The world’s contribution towards establishing peace and harmony in Palestine is that they really want this generation and the next generation to learn about Palestine and to know that there is a place on earth that has been facing ongoing genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced displacements since 1948.

We wish that the voices of the free people all around will continue to support us in our fight against the Israeli occupation.


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