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TANISHKA JAIN – a young professor from India

TANISHKA JAIN – a young professor from India

Tanishka Jain is a 25-year-old young professor from India teaching French and English globally. This journey was really not simply because she received so many racist remarks while she started teaching globally on an international platform. She started teaching online as people started recognising her. It is amazing because now she is teaching Hindi to French students as well to encourage them. After 2 years of hard work she will be completing my PhD in French and American literature and also she has taught more than 400 students globally also most of them has enrolled in France. She is the author of the poetry book ” Wings of enchantment” also won many debating competitions and released her papers at International conferences. Have judged many competitions in schools and colleges. She wants to tell the world that teaching is not a mainstream job and she wants to take it to a global level.

Here is Tanishka Jain in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin?

My journey begin the day when I wanted to learn and do something new that’s when I chose French as a language and also learned this language to explore different cultures different boundaries and history. It’s always amazing to know a foreign language and to talk with new people with the same tongue without blemish.

2) How did you fight against racism?

It’s always about being positive and that’s what I did it. It was not easy but I always look forward to the people who motivated me and encouraged me and also supported me with this endless and beautiful journey of exploring a new language and making a profession out of it.

3) What inspired you to take up the French language professionally?

I started teaching in universities. I got this chance because of my hard work and potential as a completed my masters in American literature and also I am masters in French literature then enrolled for PHD.

4) What are you currently working on?

The day when I started posting my videos on social media and a lot of people learnt through the vocabulary and also the way I taught was incredible for them. After that people from different countries including Canada Europe Africa and Switzerland contacted me for learning this language professionally.

5) Tell us about your poetry book.

My poetry book “wings of enchantment” is an incredible creation and also my whole experience about life put in the most miraculous way where people can motivate themself through every word because in that book every word has its own incredible meaning which has a life to it. I have relieved all the moments in every single poem. It is an anthology of poems that I have released in my college as I was passionate about writing.

6) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I want to impart my knowledge of French, English & Hindi to all the people and also encourage foreign people to learn Hindi as I am boosting and promoting my own language Hindi and teaching this language to foreign students also I want to explore different countries and their culture. I want to make a unique Identity as the job of a professor is being considered as mainstream I want to take it forward.

7) How teaching has inspired you to be a better person?

I met a lot of people of different nationalities, learnt many things including the spirit of never giving up, always making sure to hold your head high and your spirit sparkling through everything. I have to make sure that knowledge is something that grows when shared and I will do it my entire life. As education is a passport for the future and only a teacher can make it possible.


INSTAGRAM: @professortanishka


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