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Summer Wave – @lindsayrapp

Summer Wave – @lindsayrapp

Q. What does your artwork represent?

I love painting ethereal seascapes and oceanic inspired feminine figures that promote feminine empowerment. As many have done in mythology, I relate the beauty and energy of water to feminine power. Water has long been equated with the feminine aspects of creation, nature and spirituality. I see the ocean as life giving, fertile, powerful, sensual, changing and mysterious. In my art, my brush strokes mimic expressions of water. My paints create currents, splashes and fluidity. I am inspired by water’s glimmering interaction with light. I discovered a unique technique to imitate the effects of water’s refractive nature: using rare precious materials such as genuine metallic seashells, dichroics, 24k gold, silver, and using layers of translucent, reflective plexiglass. The harmony of these elements combined with the dichotomy of my muses’ power and softness reflects my interpretation of the sea in relation to femininity.

Q. What inspires you?

I paint to express my experience of humanity, to create windows into moods, to get the message out there about life’s beauty, promoting love for our fragile oceans, and demonstrating feminine empowerment in a world that needs to feel it more.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

My artwork is an extension of my heart. I see the world in a unique way, I’ve always known I was wired differently with how deeply I feel emotions not just in myself but empathically in others around me. My paintings help me to express nuances in the world that I found there are no words for. I pour different energies, emotions, and narratives into each piece, making each one serve a unique purpose. My goal with my work is to create something that reflects others, I want people to feel something resonating from the painting that connects to their soul, to give them an experience that heals something inside of them. I want my art to help open and enrich other’s hearts.

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