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The medium of painting is Oil Painting.
This painting is from a series that is “SHE”, representing characteristics of women. So I started this to dedicate myself, to all the women right there who are facing issues but still fighting with a cute smile on their faces.
A person who inspires me is myself, my mom and of course my guide who taught me about paintings: Mr. Tarun bhate Sir.
idea behind all these 3 paintings:

1) She is strong Minded. This shows she can overcome obstacles, strong-minded. Strong does not mean that she is rude. On the contrary, a  strong-minded woman displays confidence, empowered, takes responsibility that most aren’t brave enough to.

2) She has a positive attitude. Her lives revolve around; family, friends, health, wealth, and spirit. These areas must be balanced to lead a fulfilled life. evaluate your balance continually. A balanced life allows you to think clearly with imagination.

3) She is soft-hearted. charity and compassion allow us to reach beyond our cookie-cutter lives and make a difference in the lives of others. A woman with a compassionate heart has great influence.

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