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SINGAPORE – @onthegowithnushey

SINGAPORE – @onthegowithnushey

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Best described as a microcosm of modern Asia, Singapore is a melting pot of culture and history, and an extravaganza of culinary delights. Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, it is both a city and a country located in southeast Asia.

One of Asia’s most visited destinations, Singapore is an amalgam of a fast-paced life and an off-the-back-street inheritance. The island nation is home to people belonging to multiple cultures and nationalities. It has a tropical climate and the weather changes from clear skies to heavy rains in a matter of minutes. It is home to some really enduring tourist attractions and has much to allure the travelers.

The country boasts an ancient past with roots connected to the Malay-Peninsula and China as well as a colonial-era that has left a permanent imprint of Anglicism. It is during this time that the city really gained popularity, as the British set up a tax-free port here in 1819.

Coupled with perhaps the world’s most efficient planning, infrastructure, and public services, it is little wonder that people from around the world have migrated here. And it is this coming together of cultures that really makes this one of the top destinations to visit.

The ‘Lion City’, as the name translates in old Malay, bustles with activity for travelers of all kinds. The charm of Singapore tourism is found in exploring the different ethnic districts of the island, namely the Colonial district, Little India, Chinatown, and the Arab Quarter.

Then there are many gardens, waterfronts, and cosmopolitan areas that each offer their unique cultural experience. Go around the world in just a few days, by staying right on this particular island.

Travel from India to Singapore with different flights available. The currency used here is the Singapore Dollar (1SGD=53.58INR). There’s no other place like Singapore. Located just off the southern tip of Malaysia, this vibrant city boasts a beautiful blend of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab, and English cultures- all with its own Singaporean twist. It is filled with delightful culinary experiences, state-of-the-art accommodations, and exciting nightlife. Plan a trip to this beautiful island and experience its authenticity in all its grace.


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