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SanShoo – the essence of twins Sanjana and Shivangi Agrawal

SanShoo – the essence of twins Sanjana and Shivangi Agrawal

‘SanShoo’ is the essence of Sanjana and Shivangi Agrawal. It’s their nicknames joined together and it’s how they are known. They decided to name their company the same. SanShoo makes clothes and accessories for men, women and children.

SanShoo thrives on continually pushing the envelope of concept and redefining how to make and decorate fashion jewellery. Every
piece aims to be an art piece, a style statement that embodies a bit of culture and heritage, and also the Jaipur woman’s soul.

The central principle of SanShoo revolves around design and craftsmanship harmony, where growing artistic expression honours ancient Indian art. Handmade in their workshop in Jaipur, the jewellery is a result of the craftsman’s finesse of technical skill and a near attention to detail. SanShoo makes hundreds of lovely prints in its totes and other handmade bags. The cufflinks add a trendy accent to any shirt and are an indispensable wardrobe item that is often overlooked. SanShoo handcraft these beautiful pieces which are the pinnacle of elegance and style.


Sanjana and Shivangi have succeeded in merging their distinct personal styles to establish the distinctive look of SanShoo – taking inspiration from their journeys around the world.

Here are Sanjana and Shivangi Agrawal in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How SanShoo began? And what is the reason behind the name?

Sanjana: My twin and I would design our clothes and outfits for different events and our Naniji suggested we do this as a full-time thing. Since we were good at it an it’s where our passion and interests were. When we decided to launch our company in 2016, we knew instantly what the name was going to be.

We’ve been called SanShoo for about 15 years now. Sanjana (San) and Shivangi (Shoo) was going to be the essence of our company so we saw it fitting to name our company the same.

Shivangi:  SanShoo actually began as an idea given to us by our grandmother (Naniji) It’s true what they say about a women being the reason for another women’s success. I would credit my Naniji and mom. Friends, family and loved ones have always loved our bold fashion Statements and choices And so she said why don’t we bring that to the world by creating a brand around things we curate, wear and accessorise with. 

The name well, it’s who we are. I’ve always been called Shoo for as long as I can remember and my sister San. And together we make SanShoo. Just ask anyone. 

2) Where did you take inspiration from? What is the aim behind SanShoo?

Sanjana: We have succeeded in merging our distinct personal styles to establish the distinctive look of SanShoo – taking inspiration from our journeys around the world. We have tried to make sure we engulf all that we are and all that we will be in the future too.
Our main aim is to make our customers and people around the world happy. Happy with our products as they use them. We would want fashion to be a luxury but an affordable one.

Shivangi: Inspiration can be found everywhere if you just remember to look around you. But most of all I take inspiration from my family. For everything. We want to be a one-stop-shop for all your luxury item needs.  

3) What it feels like to work with your twin? 

Sanjana: It’s doesn’t really feel like work at all. There were days we would be discussing work at 4 am and we would tell each other that work was eating into our personal time and have a good laugh. When you love what you do it isn’t really working you know?

Shivangi: The fun never ends and most days work doesn’t either. It keeps us awake in the wee hours of the night. 

4) What are the special elements your brand has?

Sanjana: I think the best thing about SanShoo is it’s forever changing, just like us. It’s always evolving and moving forward. Our products aren’t rigid and we’re very open to change and bringing in new ideas as and when required.

Shivangi: Absolutely everything is personally handpicked and created. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves. 

5) What is the customer servicing strategy you follow?

Sanjana: SanShoo treats all our customers the same. It doesn’t matter if you order one thing from us or twenty. You will get the same comfort, personal attention and love. 

Shivangi : Hands-on and very very personalized. 

6) Do you face any copyright issues for your designs? If yes, how do you manage?

Sanjana: I think in today’s world it’s very tough not to have these issues. We go with the times and see imitation more as a flattery sign than anything. Fashion is something so fluid and so personal that of course it will be imitated.

Shivangi : They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so whenever we find people imitating our designs, we wish them well and feel quite amazing about it actually. 

7) From where are your designs inspired from?

Sanjana: SanShoo thrives on continually pushing the envelope of concept and redefining how to make and decorate fashion jewellery, accessories and clothes. Every piece of ours aims to be an art piece, a style statement that embodies a bit of culture and heritage, and of course the Jaipur woman’s soul. Since we are born and raised in this culture-rich city.

Shivangi: From everywhere, history, culture, art, pop culture, travel, personal style, likes, movies, tv shows, the world. But especially from India and everything we have to offer. 

8) Tell us about your travel adventures while working. 

Sanjana: I think this is my favourite question and also my favourite thing about the work we do. We have travelled to New York, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Dubai with our designs and products for private shows as well as a three-month vacation along with it. We were even on a biking and boating trip in Germany right before our shows in New York. It’s been a fun-filled beginning. One time on our train to Boston there were some customers who wanted to see our products and they shopped them while we were on this beautiful train from New York to Boston.

Shivangi: I would absolutely recommend it. It’s the best. It’s like a working holiday. You should try it. 

9) How do you take criticism?

Sanjana: I think when you’re in the creative industry it’s very hard not to have critics. If we take it in a constructive way and see that sincerity is what it is, it can inspire us to do better. It’s a chance to change or improve something we aren’t perfect at. I think I would thank all my critics as we wouldn’t be where we are now if not for them. And not just in work or SanShoo, but in life too.

Shivangi: Just like with everything in life, you have to take it with a pep in your step. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always lots of laughter to help you. 

10) What are the three similarities and interests you both have?

Sanjana: I think the better question would be how are we different. Our interests are extremely similar. Of course, we’re identical twins and it’s in our DNA but we both love Fashion (we twin a lot, if not the entire outfit it’ll be just one thing – like shoes, earrings), Food, Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Travel and so much more. It’s such a long list we’d be here all day. We love watching movies and TV shows. We’re big superhero fans and complete nerds about Friends, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Dc & Marvel.

Shivangi: Kickboxing, Traveling and Good food. 

11) Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Sanjana: I think we’ll have more permanent bases in Dubai, New York, Vancouver work-wise. So we’ll travel around the world while working and exploring life. And the rest time will tell.

Shivangi: Hopefully where I want to be. But even if I’m not, Wherever life takes and plants me — I know I’ll bloom. 

12) How was life in quarantine?

Sanjana: Life in quarantine was extremely self-reflective for me. A lot of Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga and meditation. Can’t say the same for my food choices but overall it has been a phenomenal change. Also some heartache and break with loved ones going to heaven. It’s been life you know? Even when you’re inside your homes life’s still happening. 

Shivangi: I was in Dubai for 5 months and it was amazing actually. I never knew my latent talents in the kitchen. Haha. But honestly, It helped me find a love of baking and cooking beautiful dishes I only ordered before. 




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