Recently, Vikas Dubey, the person behind the firing that killed 8 on-duty policemen was killed by Uttar Pradesh Police in an encounter. Many questions were raised on this and experts demanded a judicial inquiry.

Police personnel arrest Vikas Dubey at the Mahakal temple, in Ujjain on Thursday.

Section-46 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) gives police the right to use force, extending up to the cause of death, as may be necessary to arrest the person accused of an offense punishable with death or life imprisonment.

In November 2019, four men raped a 26-year-old veterinary doctor and later killed her. The four accused were arrested, taken into judicial custody and were later killed in an encounter under a bridge on Bangalore Hyderabad national highway as two of them allegedly snatched guns and attacked the police (as said by the police).

People support such encounters as many of them believe that courts will not provide timely justice. Many leaders project encounters as their achievement in maintaining law and order. Even the police teams involved in the encounter are often rewarded and awarded for encounters. And such acts of killing criminals become heroic acts and the police are seen as heroes of the society.
But amidst everything that may seem positive about these encounters, these killings should be properly investigated and a real story should be established. It may be possible that the encounter had ulterior motives.

Also, the Constitution of India intended for India to be a country governed by law. Article 21 of our Constitution provides every person the right to life and personal liberty. It is the duty of the police to uphold this right of every individual, be it an innocent or a criminal.

People may seem happy about such encounters of criminals, but maybe it is possible that they may miss the bigger picture and the ulterior motive behind them.

Encounter killings must be investigated independently as they affect the credibility of the rule of law.
People may feel that “Justice delayed is justice denied” but they should also know that “Justice hurried is justice buried“.

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