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Peace Pieces in Palestine by Salam – The Journey of a Jewellery Store

Peace Pieces in Palestine by Salam – The Journey of a Jewellery Store

“Jewellery has the Power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” Elizabeth Taylor

The journey began in 2017 when Salam Al Safi the designer and owner of Peace Pieces started making her own jewellery designs. The idea of creating Peace Pieces came to her the moment she realized that people love what she designs and wears. Her enthusiasm for jewellery developed at a very young age. As a kid, Salam used to redesign her old-fashioned pieces to create brand new unique ones.

She started to think about having her own jewellery line, something that is affordable and special for all women, something they can wear looks elegant and marvellous at the same time.

During the year 2017, after graduating, Salam launched her business while working a full-time job. Since it got hard managing a business and a full-time job. She decided to quit her job to free herself and devote her entire time to her own business- The peace pieces jellewery store.

“ It is hard to be a diamond in this rhinestone world.” Dolly Parton

   She decided to launch Peace Pieces and was fully supported by family and friends who believed in her work, her dedication for it and that what she does should reach more people. It was passion and love at the first place. The love of being unique even in the simplest ways. Salam always wanted to build something, but at the same time, she was afraid will people accept her true self. However, after being encouraged to take a step further, she decided to start producing and selling using social media platforms and local exhibitions.

“I always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” Michael Korbs

The story behind the brand name- ‘Peace Pieces’.  To decide a brand name is always very crucial! You need to have a special, unique and a remarkable name; A name that is easy for others to understand, pronounce and at the same time, meaningful. 

Salam’s name is translated into the word “Peace” in English, and “Pieces” refers to every piece of jewellery she makes with her unique touch making every piece special in its own way. The special thing about this is that people sometimes have a different interpretation of the name. They always tell us that our “Pieces” give them a sense of “Peace” whenever they see or wear them.

Salam and her team ever wanted to give ,people is a jewellery piece that they might have always dreamt of wearing; simple, affordable and the most important; unique. She believes that women deserve the best and they don’t have to choose between quality and affordable products when it comes to something that they can wear on a daily basis.

At Peace Pieces, they always make sure to introduce new items to match the customers’ choices. Everything starts as an idea, and then the designer tries to implement that into actual tangible items. Each and every design goes through a long process. They make sure to pick the rarest gems and stones that would give them more space to imagine and create.

 “The moment I touch a stone, I immediately start to imagine the design.” – says Salam.

If the conditions were normal and they were treated like any other people on this planet they would have answered the question by saying that they want their own showroom! Well, that was one of their main goals for the previous years, and after all the harsh conditions they still managed to finally open a store of their own! 

The main goal is to grow the small business and reach more people around the world to represent Palestine in a different way. They would love to have the Palestinian brand represented around the globe and they even want the world to realize that they are not only numbers nor a nation that hasn’t any sense of art. They actually have many hidden talents and capabilities that never got highlighted, they want the light to shine upon them and like everybody they deserve to see the light. As well as they’ve been working really hard for taking the brand to new levels especially when it comes to material and customers’ satisfaction.

As one of the Palestinian brands, like other businesses they also experienced a very hard time. Not because they are not used to all the nuisance, but because what was happening around them was too hard to handle. So they took the decision to not post anything that is not related to what was going around in Palestine. And they are actually experiencing a very emotional time where many had to stop their work just because they couldn’t see people being massacred and just pretend that everything is normal. There was nothing normal about, what was happening to the Palestinian families.

 “You don’t have to be Palestinian to feel what we’re trying to say here. You just have to be human to realize that this could happen to any of us! We felt the sorrow of people losing their homes and businesses in an eye blink, that could happen to any of us.”

Having nothing much to say about this part, they only wish that the world would take a moment and pause to look deeper into what’s happening to a whole nation and its people. They have been following many people around the world and seeing what they’ve got to say about the Palestinian situation and the belief that many people should educate themselves more about Palestine. 

What they have undergone isn’t a conflict or a war, it is extremely a genocide as they have been seeing people being displaced from their homes where they lived for years and they firmly say that Palestinians don’t need any kind of financial support nor petitions!

The need to be heard, to be given the voice to say that they are able to build a better tomorrow if only the world stands up and lifts oppression is what they actually want.

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