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OLD SCHOOL BASTARD – A poet on a motorcycle | एk aam sa ladka

OLD SCHOOL BASTARD – A poet on a motorcycle | एk aam sa ladka

Who like us crushes over Aditi Rao Haideri who loves to travel especially the wind swept conversations on his bikeWho struggled like all of us with loneliness and mental healthWho wonders over loss and life and that’s where aam sa ladka became khaas Kafi  khaas; so much so that his voice is at the moment the maximum used as voiceover in reels all over the subcontinent 

A snippet from a very heartwarming conversation with Nitin Jai Singh Siwach aka Old School Bastard.

Q. Very very cliched but who is the favourite poet of this new-gen poet?

*And the deep melodious baritone replies Gulzar sahib for the details and simplicity and Rahat Indori Sahib for the guroor in the poems.

Q. And Urdu zabaan about that?

So my grandmother’s side of the family belonged to Pakistan and I think somewhere in her stories of lost heritage lies my love for the language which I am currently learning to read and write through speaking comes naturally again as a legacy from my grandmother who was particular about my words and “takhallus “ while growing up. Now I’m learning to write it as well.

Q. Is that also you believe in certain spiritual aspects and Ramadan as well?

A- totally different aspects though because my views on soul twin and a soul mate ( not necessarily again a woman girl or beloved) are separate from My belief in Ramadan. My views on soul twins are experience-based and much more aligned with cosmic existence. Ramadan on the other hand is a belief not necessarily aligned with just one religion but a way of life or perhaps more aptly a faith in itself.

Q. Please elaborate about your social media handle and the way you handle it and the copycat syndrome online.

Being an army brat the handle I guess is self-explanatory and social media I guess becomes handy for socially awkward and introverted people as it is a one-way communication where no one is questioning or talking to you so the medium I guess suited me perfectly though it would resound with so many people is a surprising element daily for which I’m really thankful. The copying bit bothered me a lot initially as many would use my poetry even without permission but now I guess I have a better grip on it and take it in my stride. People can copy but cannot create.

Q. You often talk about mental health lows in your life, was that a contributing factor to taking on the social scene with poetry?

So my page started with random bike trails and photography pics until I shifted to Australia as a career move and to get away from certain losses in the life of loved ones (mind you not all losses are of a girlfriend). And when really down and out I came across a long-discarded novel I had started writing with snippets of poems which I recorded and put on Instagram and surprise surprise it touched a chord with many so yeah I guess the low in life was in some way a factor but also I’ve always been a very keen writer even while biking I used to pen bits and then, of course, the “qaisiyat “ the novella which was biting the dust.

About the poetry itself, it was more of a way I felt with loss, struggles, and betrayal (again not necessarily a girl) but in the case of poetry, I discovered that people decipher it as they feel often in an autobiographical tone and hence the forlorn lover stamp but deep down it was also a guy trying to speak about mental breakdown about demons in his thoughts and about a host of other mental issues.

Q. Tell us your interesting journey so far and the path ahead.

From a software engineer who threw a three-year career to travel on his bike (yeah almost most of India) to a government job in Australia, it’s been a long stride for Jai Singh Srivastav. And from a small page started on Instagram for my basic camera shots to the trending voice of old school bastard has been a long poetic exploration which mind you does not pay as yet because collaborations are yet to happen and some very interesting ones are in the pipeline including my podcasts. Guess not too bad for a guy once rejected by radio shows and now being invited to be the guest.

DEEPIKA’S NOTE😉 – (the trademark Nitin Jai Singh humor and humility at play everywhere while being very blasé about his upcoming book and music album😷)

The delightful conversation with old-school bastard was as deep as his poetry yet as simple as his words!


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