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No Casual Sex

No Casual Sex

To bottom out a thought, I kept contemplating to reason myself. I kept contemplating to reason myself on why I resist casual sex (Or even a make-out). Well, it’s an awfully sweet thing, which I think about myself and I dear those who think alike. (Even, who don’t think alike, I love you. Haha.)

It’s a set-off point for everyone, when asked, “Hey, when are you going to deflower yourself?” It’s like unfinished business for all of us, made by and imposed on us by an invisible group of Millenials, l must say, who knows the truth of deterioration after having a shallow physical relationship.

I shy away from casual sex owing to the reason, it kills the beautiful romance. The romance of two hearts. The romance of two hearts which pushed themselves a lot to earn their partner. To earn their touch. You see. When you earn even the touch, it drives you crazy and its passion does miracles.

The passion of touch leads to the gradual process of lovemaking between the two souls. It’s not the touch you seek from many but one. It’s their touch you want to be felt by none, but just you.

But it’s just your touch you want them to feel. When things turn this unalloyed, you start speaking to your soul and their soul. When even a touch is earned; it can make you do wonders, because everything is not so easily available. It’s going to be earned.

It shall never be imposed. It shall never be done for the sake of hormones. This comes out naturally when you fall for a person, their goodness, their raw part, their eccentricities, their enigma and their insecurities for sure.
It’s a deep subjective theory of romance inside my mind.

You discern between the appropriate and the inappropriate touch so easily. So, don’t underestimate just a touch. The touch shall make not just the one, but both the partners feel safe and secure for each other. The moment you feel secure with the touch, you can have peace within.

The trouble with casual sex is that you can never fall asleep peacefully beside a person after having casual sex. You didn’t understand the value of a touch and you gave your whole body?

Do you undress yourself in public? Do you piss in public? or do you go naked in public? No. Because you hide that body and that space, in which not everyone is allowed, and when you let someone enter that space and get into your pants, you allow them to see your enigmas in and out. Just this easy? And then you ask why couldn’t you sleep peacefully?

I sleep alone very peacefully. Well, I slept peacefully beside someone years ago. Years ago. While I was a kid and used to sleep with my mother and as I used to stay in Civil lines, which is having quite a vegetation, which is a home for many wild animals. A shady place then.

The jackals used to howl midnight and I used to be petrified. The moment I was petrified, I used to hold my mother firmly and she hugged me back. The simple touch, the bond I had with her made me feel so secure that come what may come what jackals, we’ll fight this together and I used to sleep peacefully, without having second thoughts.

Well, quite a bad analogy, but had to make my point. The touch has it’s own powers and unless it makes you feel secure, don’t go all the way or de-flower yourself, for just anyone.

Go all the way with a person who can give you an eternal affirmation of their eternal presence and trust. The soul shall speak for each other, rather than just bodies.

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