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Naikoo : A glorified militant

Naikoo : A glorified militant

How many of you know the name of the Hizbul Mujahideen commander Riyaz Naikoo?

How many of you know that he taught maths?
How many of you know his story?
I guess everyone who watched the news recently knows this, right?
But how many of you know even the names of the 3 CRPR Jawans who were shot dead in an open fire in hardware?
The jawans – constables of 92 Battalion – have been identified as Santosh Kumar Mishra from Aurangabad, Bihar, Ashwani Kumar Yadav from Ghazipur, UP, and C Chandrasekar from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

Don’t you think those you laid their lives deserve a little recognition?
Don’t you think the nation should know who lost their lives while guarding the country?
Who’s fault is it?
Had the race to increase TRP actually deviated the media from its original work?
In every article that I wrote related to the armed forces, I’ve mentioned that the only way to pay tribute to those heroes is to do something productive each day that helps the nation to develop better.
Coming back to Riyaz Naikoo, I guess everyone knows him.
In 2016, Burhan Wani, the then commander of Hizbul Mujahideen was executed. After a year his replacement Yasin Itoo was gunned down. In the disorder, the aggressor outfit went to Naikoo, naming him the head of activities in the valley. Under Naikoo the Hizb before long came back to the center stage of militancy and he was on the radar of each security organization. He taught mathematics at a local school and the town occupants recall him as a teacher well known among the students. His anti-India learnings, great oration, and rousing youngsters into getting weapons made him the divisional authority. He likewise won the trust of Hizbul Mujahideen’s Chief.
Indeed, even before the experience where he was killed, he had figured out how to escape away from the powers on various occasions. Naikoo who had a reward of ₹12 lakhs on his head was killed alongside 3 different militants in Pulwama in the organized activity in the 25 km sweep on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.
After this encounter, videos of the local supporters of Naikoo were seen pelting stones and attacking the vehicles of the security forces. The internet was shut down.
To prevent the spread of inflammatory videos, to prevent the militants from contacting and making plans with the locals, the telecom facilities are shut down.
I remember people talking about Kashmir after the abrogation of Article-370.
Why are the troops deployed?
Why is the internet shut down?
Why this? Why that? Why? Why? Why?
Human Rights, Human Rights, and a lot of stuff.
Not everyone supports the anti-India ideology but a lot do. You cannot filter them out. To prevent the militant organizations from gathering public in masses and to use them against the Indian Armed Forces (by manipulation), the internet was shut down.
For the very same reason it is done now.
A terrorist or a militant is not only the one who picks up the gun and fights the army, but also those people who provide them with space, food, and information.
Advocating for human rights for a terrorist is no different than advocating human rights for a rapist.
Think about it.
Jai Hind!




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